A Group Hug

Last night was a social group meeting which Liz and I attend on a regular basis.

A cis woman from Germany I have become friends with was there and we had a nice chat. Mainly, we talk about our travel adventures but last night she asked if I had a bucket list.

I paused and said travel wise, the only place I would like to visit was Nepal. I had a chance when I was in the Army years ago and didn't do it. Thinking I had a long life ahead and would have plenty of time to do it. So much for "forward" thinking...right?

Then I changed the subject and said in addition to traveling around the world compliments of Uncle Sam, I don't have much of a bucket list. After all, I managed to graduate from college and even get chosen for American Forces Radio and Television. Plus, my daughter has turned out three wonderful grand kids and is a quality person.

I used to have a trans list before I went on HRT and began living full time as a transgender woman, but by now, there hasn't been much I haven't done.

I told my friend though, she and the group were on my bucket list. I always just wanted to be accepted as my true self and I had made it. I added how wonderful it was, all of them take it for granted and I never have. They just will never understand what they have done for me.

My bucket list must have a big hole!


  1. Who needs a bucket when, already, her cup runneth over?

    I used to look at life as a long "To Do" list. I was prolific in my list-making, too. In fact, in my procrastinating way, I would spend as much time making lists as I did doing the things on the lists.

    A list is all well and good, but it's how we prioritize that is important. The love of family and friends should be at the top of the list, and it's amazing how so many of the other things just fall into place when one does that.

    A bucket list contains those things one wants to do or experience before death. At my age, many of the things that I never got around to doing or experiencing can no longer be accomplished. I never had listed regrets, and I'm not about to put them on my list now.

    One of my favorite songs is "Nature Boy.":

    The greatest thing,
    You will ever learn,
    Is just to love,
    And be loved in return.


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