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Friday, January 18, 2013

Brazilian Transsexual

By now I'm sure you have read the story of the furor which came out of this comment:

“we [women] are angry with ourselves for not being happier, not being loved properly and not having the ideal body shape – that of a Brazilian transsexual.”

Of course all the trans nazi's and trans feminist's jumped hysterically on this.

I hang out almost exclusively with genetic women and I have to say most of them and I would kill to have a body like Brazilian transsexual Lea T  shown on the right.

Look, all of us know we are never going to develop a body such as Lea's. She is a model for a reason!!! As far as a role model for girls and women's struggles around the world- that's a bit of a stretch. My point is feminists have a real reason to criticize society as a whole until all women have equal treatment around the world. I don't care that most don't consider transgender women "worthy" of joining their gender inner sanctum. Don't need their support, it's their loss.

The problem with the quote was she didn't take it far enough. I have my own prejudice against gender nazi's as being bitter one sided folks who have found this box of toys called the internet to spread their ideas. I don't suppose she would have ever added the idea that people of both genders and between have problems with being loved, being happy and how we look. But angry? How about we all should be working on our problems. Not just bitching about them.

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