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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Jazz Jennings

Recently,  young trans activist Jazz Jennings and family began season six of her transgender journey television show "I am Jazz." If you are not familiar, over the years, the show has traced Jazz from being a young trans girl to present day. All the way through gender corrective surgery. Unfortunately, all didn't go as planned after the major operation and the premier show on "The Learning Channel" covers it. Here's an excerpt from "Women's Health.":

"Season six of TLC’s I Am Jazz starts out in a familiar place: LGBTQ+ activist Jazz Jennings and her family are preparing for a life-changing surgery.
This will be the third in Jazz’s gender confirmation journey, and, while everyone is hoping this will be the last, the serious complications that Jazz experienced after her first surgery are at the front of everyone’s minds as Jazz and her doctors walk back to the operating theater in Tuesday’s premiere on TLC.
“I’m hoping for a noneventful, positive surgery, where Jazz comes out, and the doctors say everything went exactly as planned, and they don’t have any ‘buts’ along the way,” her dad, Greg, says as he, her mom, Jeanette, and brother Sander wait for updates on the procedure.
“And Jazz lives happily ever after,” Jeannette is quick to add.
The outspoken 19-year-old is the star of I Am Jazz, but her supportive and loving family also deserve some of the credit for giving the show so much heart. This week’s episode opens with a Jennings celebration fit for a season premiere—a beachside 21st birthday party for twin brothers Sander and Griffen."
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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Jazz Jennings

Transgender teenager Jazz Jennings has announced that she will be taking a gap year before attending Harvard in order to 'focus on self-care' after a busy year that has seen her undergoing gender confirmation surgery - while documenting it on her reality TV show. 
The South Florida native, 18, took to the platform to share her personal decision. The TV and YouTube personality said that deciding to take a break wasn't an easy call to make, but ultimately she thought it right to 'refocus and recenter' in order to be the 'strongest version' of herself. 
The I Am Jazz star graduated valedictorian from her high school this summer and was due to start at the Ivy League university this Fall. While she has previously expressed the desire to pursue a career in advocacy, she has not yet revealed what major she is taking. 

It's hard to believe Jazz is only 18!