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One of most recurring themes here in Cyrsti's Condo over the years, has been the fact "confidence" is your number one accessory to any outfit. Not your dress, not your purse or your makeup. If you carry yourself as if nothing is wrong, most people will think that too. Essentially you will have perfected your own feminine mystique. Of course, if you go overboard and wear a micro mini spandex skirt to the grocery next time, you will be certain to get your fair (and unfair) share of stares. Seemingly, something all of us novice cross dressers or transgender women have to go through on our paths to wherever we want to get to. Personally, one thing that drives me crazy is when I see the mini skirt I mentioned above over ill disguised foam padding. The mirror must have been really lying to the cross dresser that day. I know, because I have done it myself. Over the years though, I learned from my mistakes, the stares and snickers (or Milky Way's) lessened and my confiden

The Feminine Mystique

Over the years here in Cyrsti's Condo , I have taken various looks at a man's misconception of certain feminine myths such as rest rooms and purses. No pun intended, but any verbal journey into the world of women's restrooms is guaranteed to generate feedback. Purses are much more of a fun topic. Just what the heck happens in that bag and just why does it weigh 40 pounds? Here's yet another "girl myth". What exactly does it mean when a woman says she has nothing to wear? No matter how many times you look into her jam packed closet, she has nothing to wear...Really? I understand the problem now and have for awhile. Finally though I can put it into words. Here's why I might not have anything to wear tonight for my daughter's girls night out even though I do have a fair amount of clothes. Considerations: 1.- Do the clothes fit? I have gained weight with the hormones. 2.- Are the clothes good fashion choices? (Some weren't to begin with.) 3.-