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Saturday, May 24, 2014


I am a political critter by nature and every now and then I use my soap box here in Cyrsti's Condo to bring up a point or two. This morning, as I was checking my Twitter account, I was pleased to see a Tweet by a politician with a very in depth idea of how to stem the tide of violence directed against women.

I was even more surprised the tweet came from Ohio (David Pepper) who is running this fall for attorney general.  Currently we have a career politician- conservative dinosaur as our attorney general in Ohio who needs to go.  I'm sure violence against women to him is when his wife breaks a heel on the steps of the statehouse.

As I checked out Pepper's web page there was even a spot to check if you were a GLBT person and I signed up-with the added comment:  "When you consider the rampant violence against genetic women, just don't forget how much worse it is for transgender women."

My politics anymore are fairly jaded, but there are several interesting issues and races coming up here in Ohio which has a constant tug of war between the religious right and progressive ideas.  Issues such as legalization of marijuana and gay marriage have sent the right wing preachers scurrying to their pulpits to brain wash the faithful.

I find it extremely sad there seems to be no place left for me in our increasingly polarized political system. I'm certainly a fiscal conservative but I can't find one in politics who believes I should have rights as a transgender citizen.

Dammit! Who got me started on this!!!!

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