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Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King

Thanks Dr. King!
For those of you outside the United States today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's. birthday. He was a leader in the African American Civil Rights struggle in the 1960's and was assasinated in 1968.
Many of his non violent efforts spearheaded a civil rights campaign which extended basic civil protections to the Black American public.
Finally last year the transgender population of our country began to achieve some protections under law which Dr. King fought for - and many gay Americans already have.
In recent history it's easy to say the Civil Right's movement in the 1960's was the beginning of the civil rights struggle which we as transgender American's still are lacking.
Dr. King provided a very clear path. In many ways he indeed could have been a  very sympathetic supporter of our cause if he was alive today.
I just wanted to take the moment to thank him!

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