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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


From "Kotako.Com" comes the story about Japanese model "Kayo Satoh"
"Bryan Ashcraft wrote : Kayo Satoh, aka "Kayo Police", is one of Japan's most talented Street Fighter players. She's also a popular fashion model. But she wasn't always a she. Satoh was born a male, something she finally revealed last fall on Japanese TV program Majotachi no 22ji ("Witches' 10pm"). For years, Satoh appeared in women's fashion magazines with none of her fellow models or magazine editors knowing that she had been born a man.
According to Satoh, she began injecting herself with hormones from 15 years-old, something she continues, and besides her injections, she hasn't undergone any surgery. Her blog lists her sex as "female", but in Re-born, she prefers "human".
I really like the "human" description!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three guys and a game?
                                                                                 According to the "Kotaku" Website, Kayo Satou , One of Japan's best looking "Street Fighter IV" players has   announced she is a he.
Now I can't even begin to tell you what any of that means except it is no surprise than no one knew the truth about the star's true gender!

A Vocal Trans Girl

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