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Friday, July 4, 2014

Conspiracy Theory

I'm the first to admit I have been a little distant around here in Cyrsti's Condo and most of it does start with my friend who still is in an induced coma.  Even though she is decidedly older than me, she is yet another person I always assumed I would not outlive.

But there are other "follow the bouncing transgender" issues which of course come and go with regularity, along with various stages of intensity, which I won't bore you with now.

Fortunately, My active noggin does have a self defense mechanism which manufactures fun games for me to play with during these times. On this occasion it tossed at me,  two old conspiracy theories concerning famous women.

The first has to do with my trans-dar and Ann Coulter shown on the left.  Regardless of what she has always said and done to make a living, I simply have always looked hard for that operated on Adam's Apple. Her latest deal was slamming the soccer wave which is sweeping the country.  Who ever was reporting the story said she wondered if Ann played soccer when she was a little mind thought (before I knew it) was Ann ever a psychical little girl?  Please don't send me was just a rhetorical thought.

The second is a little more vague.  Perhaps many of you remember actress Mae West  She went back to the vaudeville days and was one of the more controversial movie stars of her day and encountered many problems, including censorship.  To many though, she was one of the great feminine caricatures of all time and so good-only a man could do it.  I thought no, certainly at death someone would have advanced the theory further! But then I thought, could Mae simply be our American version of the UK's Queen Elizabeth being a man theory?  Hey Paula, Vicki and all you other Brit ladies who stop by Cyrsti's Condo, we are just trying to keep up here in the colonies!

Well, that's it. Like I said, just a little fun to break things up when I get a little too serious about life!

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