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The End of Men?

I read a post recently about this topic. Yes it was feminist babble and not worth passing along. You have read it all before.  However,  in it's own way it's no worse than when I lost IQ and  talked down to by men as I really  started to transition. Sooner more than later, I believe the human race (if we last that long) will become essentially genderless anyhow. Already there is news about experimental womb transplants starting to occur. How long will it be before your flight to Bangkok will include a new womb too? Will it matter with some? Probably not I'm sure some will still think a home grown vagina or womb is worth more than store bought models. Of course I'm biased but the feminists have always wanted us to feel guilty about our transgender or transsexual selves. I'm sure similar to so many archaic gender biases-the feminist manifestos  will be yet another meaningless footnote in history. Take sex out of the picture for a moment and unique view of the wo

No Surprise...

Julie Ross has had the courage, conviction and compassion to step and out to discuss her own transgender child. Of course she has been vilified as well as praised for the decision. Note the use of the word vilification. Not the criticism word. Big difference-no surprise. Just take a look at the trans community for examples! I felt it for the first time on one of the big transgender transsexual social sites when I tried to write about my own experiences. I learned my lesson early but I still am stunned on occasion by comments I get here. Examples? I have been trashed for waiting so long in life to transition, having a prom date as a guy all the way to having any fond memories of my male life.  Plus, I left the best for last-I'm not worthy to lead a feminine life at all because I don't have a store bought vagina. No chance for discussion or questions just bitterness and even almost hate-all right here in our so called trans sisterhood. So I can sympathize with Julie's