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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bad Morning or a Karen?

 I have been taking the dog out for a walk every day, weather permitting. On the plus side, our walks seem to be helping my health immensely. During the times we walk, normally there are very few people we

"Un Karen" Photo
Courtesy Jessie Hart

encounter. I have to be careful to clean up after the dog because every morning he has to take a constitutional in someone's yard. I always I careful to bring a bag along to clean up so I don't aggravate any neighbors. 

This morning I encountered a middle aged woman who lives a couple houses down the street from Liz and I. She was talking to another neighbor as the dog and I approached and by the time we reached them, they moved apart and the woman in question approached us on the sidewalk. 

I always make it a point to try to be the first to speak to a neighbor and I did this morning to her. When I did, she looked right through me and said nothing. 

Of course I immediately thought of two things. Maybe she is a "Karen" who resents anything different existing in  "her" neighborhood. If I am nothing else, I am different. If she knows I am transgender, maybe she will have to try to explain it to the two daughters she has. Along the way recently the girl has stopped Liz and I to pet our dog. 

Yet another factor I always have to consider when or if we encounter a bigoted "Karen" is Liz and I have never been shy about holding hands in public. Maybe "Karen" doesn't like lesbians holding hands in public either. 

Who knows? Maybe I am just over reacting and she was just having a bad day. When I always run into situations such as this, one of the things I have to tell myself is it is not all about me. Maybe some other dog poohed  in her yard or world. Maybe she is concerned also that a family of color has moved into her comfortable white privileged world. 

One of these mornings I am just going to ask her. Until that time, I will make sure I am the first to speak. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jur-ass-ic Park and Transgender Americans?

I often used to wonder where (or if) the cut off point in age was for gender bias I encounter. The great majority of the very young kids I see-see me at the least as a curiosity and most have no reaction at all. The world is getting better---but---at the same time, what the hell is up with the lack of LGBTQ protections under law? And, dare I mention (with yet another U.S. Veterans Day around the corner, we mark another year of  U.S. active trans military members not being allowed to openly serve.

By "Jur-ass-ic" Park I mean, the group of Dinosaur Americans I am most likely to run into problems with. Three times out of four (a number derived from my very unscientific experiment) the majority of stares and glares I receive anymore are from women close to my age. (66) Not all mind you, because many of my friends are "more mature" women too and have opened their hearts and warmth to me more than they can ever know.

So, I don't know. Transgender "Cloud Nine" looks pretty dreamy at times, until I saw an old fat red neck in Texas protesting "No Men in the Womens Room" on his T-shirt, or Good Ol' Boy Rick from Pawn Stars, who essentially has said the same thing. Somewhere along along the line it's sad but the definition of conservative has been intermingled with ignorance these days. One can be conservative if you bother to bring the right set of facts to the table. (Example of course are the rest room 'wars')

At any rate, I have a tendency to think the "Jur-Ass-ic" crowd will go the way of the other "big-ot-suars" over the coming years. Especially when I read stories like this: "Reform Jews poised to pass Transgender Resolution."

For sure, parents call the shots here and they are the ones who do or don't line up to buy tickets to these parks.

You can tell it in their kids.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The End of Men?

I read a post recently about this topic.
Yes it was feminist babble and not worth passing along. You have read it all before.  However,  in it's own way it's no worse than when I lost IQ and  talked down to by men as I really  started to transition.
Sooner more than later, I believe the human race (if we last that long) will become essentially genderless anyhow.
Already there is news about experimental womb transplants starting to occur. How long will it be before your flight to Bangkok will include a new womb too? Will it matter with some? Probably not I'm sure some will still think a home grown vagina or womb is worth more than store bought models.
Of course I'm biased but the feminists have always wanted us to feel guilty about our transgender or transsexual selves.
I'm sure similar to so many archaic gender biases-the feminist manifestos  will be yet another meaningless footnote in history.
Take sex out of the picture for a moment and unique view of the world from the gender spectrum's would be missed if there was an end to men and women!

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