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Yet Another Suicide

Jess Shipps Just when you think everything is warm and fuzzy in the transgender community, a touch of reality comes crashing through. For some reason, I missed this story. It did not come through my emails and I happened to pick it up because of Jeni's message through my Google + comments. But- all of the sudden, all of those comments are being sent to my Yahoo Spam mail account-which I rarely read. So thanks to Jeni for alerting me to the tragic story about Transgender Military Advocate Jess Shipps  committing suicide.   From the Advocate.Com :  The transgender military community is in mourning after learning of the suicide of Jess Shipps, a 31-year-old Air Force veteran. ADVERTISING Shipps, who served 11 years before leaving service nine months ago to pursue her gender transition, was an active member of  SPARTA , an advocacy and support group for trans members of the military. The story is very sad and intensive but relates the all too familiar story of