Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yet Another Suicide

Jess Shipps
Jess Shipps
Just when you think everything is warm and fuzzy in the transgender community, a touch of reality comes crashing through.

For some reason, I missed this story. It did not come through my emails and I happened to pick it up because of Jeni's message through my Google + comments. But-all of the sudden, all of those comments are being sent to my Yahoo Spam mail account-which I rarely read.

So thanks to Jeni for alerting me to the tragic story about Transgender Military Advocate Jess Shipps committing suicide. 

 From the Advocate.ComThe transgender military community is in mourning after learning of the suicide of Jess Shipps, a 31-year-old Air Force veteran.
Shipps, who served 11 years before leaving service nine months ago to pursue her gender transition, was an active member of SPARTA, an advocacy and support group for trans members of the military.
The story is very sad and intensive but relates the all too familiar story of transgender suicide. A friend said her (Jess Shipps) "pretty sad, pretty difficult" final message reflected struggles experienced by many trans women and trans army veterans, that can take a toll on mental health. The pair had been friends for two years after Shipps had left the Air Force; although she was not discharged. The friend said he believes she chose to leave because "she had a fear of transitioning while on active duty." 
Check out the links for more and thanks again Jeni!

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