Thursday, June 25, 2015

More Than Coffee with Mick Dodge?

All this time my friend Connie who lives in Seattle has represented the city and the Pacific Northwest as more as survivalists living in the woods (Mick Dodge) and a convenience store coffee stop at every corner!!! Turns out she may be right.

Aneesh Sheth produces and is featured in "CRAVE," an online series that she hopes to raise enough money through Kickstarter to produce. (Photo via screengrab at
Aneesh Sheth
From the Seattle Globalist: Seattle webseries aims for depth in transgender story lines. -and why:

"With the positive reception of Laverne Cox’s breakout role in “Orange is the New Black” and Jill Soloway’s “Transparent,” scripted television shows are increasingly featuring transgender characters. But for Seattle-based trans activist, producer, and artist Aneesh Sheth, rarely do these representations dare to be different."

Sheth says her webseries “CRAVE” will bring a depth to stories about transgender characters that she’s been hoping to see.
“I definitely find my ethnicity and stories like mine absent from the latest trends of trans stories out there,” Sheth said. “Trans visibility to me is exactly what ‘CRAVE’ is hoping to do; get more stories out there that don’t rely on sensationalizing trans people and their lives. Yes, the main character is trans, and yes it is important to point that out- but only to show people, ‘Hey! Look! Here’s a trans person too and they’re just living their lives like everyone else!’”
Sheth has launched a Kickstarter to get her project off the ground. The campaign is active until July 6."
Here is a link to the campaign. 

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