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Day Old Sushi and Zombies for Breakfast

I'm glad Pat and others have questioned my use of the "Zombie" term in a recent Cyrsti's Condo  post . Since I just might  have a tendency to veer off the beaten path on occasion, I can understand! To clarify my position I went to "A zombie is a person whose behavior or responses are wooden, listless, or seemingly rote; automaton. b. an eccentric or peculiar person. I was disappointed! No where could I find a "c" definition which said "a leering face or faces in a crowd with  unmoving inhuman smirks on their faces". So I guess that's the direction my pea brain was moving kids! On a brighter note, my public life as a transgender woman went back to it's basic normal the next day. I saw no zombies peering from behind trees and cars as I went about my everyday life. I was relieved because I gladly would have given up my on sale- grocery store sushi for safe passage! And on a serious note, zombie night was a wake up