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Halloween is like a Box of Chocolates

Halloween is like candy on Trick or Treat Night, you do never know what you are going to get. This Halloween experience goes way back to the early 80's when needless to say I was much younger, slimmer and prettier. I had just married my second wife and talked her into moving to the New York City area sight unseen from Ohio to start a new job with another restaurant chain. We were settled in and unsettled at the same time when Halloween rolled around.  Our relationship at the time was real rocky due to the fact I was still riding the "ego coaster" from basically having to prove I wasn't a genetic female to get into a "transvestite mixer" weeks before. I literally was torn in half by gender issues which made me an absolute bastard to live with. So, by the time Halloween rolled around, she basically kicked me out for the evening, slutted out and all. As it turned out I was invited to go out with an assistant manager of mine and her friends. So why not? Mi