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Cyrsti's Condo "Quote of the Day"

I found this quote on Twitter from "My Daughter's Army" Charles Manson granted marriage license to wed his 26yr girlfriend.17 States still ban same-sex marriage. Can we agree this is f***ked up? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! And "Karma Speaks!" In 2013 an Oregon based bakery ‘Sweet Cakes’ made news headlines when owners Aaron and Melissa Klein refused to make a wedding cake for a customer because they were a lesbian, siting ‘religious reason’ for doing so. The couple have since closed their bakery and now operate exclusively online from their home. This week, however, they face a court hearing on October 7th, and could face fines as high as $150,00 that could leave them bankrupt. State investigators found that the case was a gross violation of the lesbian couples civil rights as Oregon state law bans discrimination against LGBT people in businesses. ** From " Planet Transgender "