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Thursday, May 28, 2015

On the Road Again

Liz has this week off and we have taken the opportunity to take some day trips around Cincinnati before we finish up the week at the Trans Ohio Symposium. Yesterday we headed "upriver" towards Pittsburgh (but not nearly as far) and found ourselves in Ripley, Ohio. Ripley could be described these days as one of those "sleepy" old small river towns. Once upon a time though, Ripley was a huge station on the "Under Ground Railroad" As slaves made their way north to freedom, the Ohio River marked the boundary between a slave state (Kentucky) and a free state in Ohio.

Enough history except for the fact there is a place called the "Rankin House" with a breathtaking view across the Ohio River Valley and down into Ripley. The Rankin House is credited with being the real story behind "Eliza" the slave and Harriet Beecher Stowe's fictional Uncle Tom's Cabin.

On the way home we took a small river ferry across the Ohio. We stopped for lunch in the small town of Augusta, Kentucky.

My paranoia going into the day stemmed mainly from where we we where going. As some would point out (me) - not potentially the most liberal part of Ohio. But you know, the places we stopped and the place we ate-no one gave me much of a second look. Then again, I was just "passing" through?

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