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Marvel Goes Trans

From "The Swaddle ": "The third season of  Jessica Jones  released this week, concluding Netflix’s four-year-long, uber-successful partnership with Marvel. The series, with its feminist lead and all-female lineup of directors, is known for its inclusive representation of people of color and sensitive handling of queer relationships, sexuality, rape, and post-traumatic stress syndrome. Pushing the diversity envelope even further,  Jessica Jones ‘ new season stars transgender actress Aneesh Sheth, who plays  superheroine Jessica’s sassy and resourceful new assistant Gillian — Marvel’s first ever trans character. While this is a big move for trans representation on screen, the way the show portrays the character of Gillian is significantly refreshing. In a promotional interview with Marvel, Sheth says: “I’m  transgender, and the character of Gillian is also trans . But there is no mention of her being trans within the show, nor kind of a narrative around her identity