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Bucket List Friday

Well, it's the most anticipated shopping day of the year...Black Friday. "Back in the day" when I had a cross dressing feminine bucket list, one of the items on my list was to brave the crowds as a woman on Black Friday. After many years of watching my wife head out with several of her girl pals to shop, I finally got my chance to go out when she got a new job in retail and I was left unattended. When the much awaited day finally made it, I bundled myself in my best fuzzy sweater and tight jeans with boots then headed to the closest/biggest mall. I don't know what my expectations were but I might as well have been a gorilla in a dress for all the attention I didn't get. Everyone was moving fast and in their own world and predictably, mostly women. I did manage to get into a few stores and shop for a couple of small Christmas items for my wife. All too soon, the morning was over meaning I had to head home and be back to my old boring male self before my w

In Hot Water?

OK, of all the responses I figured I possibly may get from my transgender "Bucket List" post about going swimming, I missed the point totally on this one. I thought Connie would zero in on me for my "bucket" being large enough to use as a wading pool- or my bucket is so old it wouldn't hold water anyhow!  Here's Connie's comment: Senior Ladies Water Aerobics class at the community pool? I hear the sharks in Ohio are among the most discriminating; they prefer aged meat. Be careful that your feminine expression does not become just another old expression, considering that "valor is the best part of discretion", that is. :) **Note-the closest sharks to me are in the Ohio River and they have different names: giant catfish and carp! Then Paula commented: Paula Goodwin February 9, 2015 at 5:29 AM In London and Brighton (and quite possibly other places as well) we have special closed swimming sessions at local pools specially for trans and


Well kids, here we are. 2013 is collectively beginning to wrap her collective arms around us all. Of course, as the dust has settled-some of us have tossed our new years resolutions in the trash all ready. I prefer to think of mine as goals . In my mind at least a kinder gentler form of resolution. Truthfully, I haven't had much time to think much about them because once again life seems to be rushing ahead so fast I'm lucky to stay on for the ride. Speaking of ride, the first week or so of my year left me without one. My car developed severe problems shortly after Christmas. I live in an area devoid of public transportation so thank goodness for friends who came to my rescue. Since I'm finally on the road again, I can take care of fun filled tasks such as a big dental appointment...Yay! On the bright side though I have set up another appointment with my Endo Doc to judge where I am with my  hormone levels and where we can go with them. That week is turning out to be a