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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sean Penn and Transgender?

Maybe so, at least in his newest motion picture project. As you will read in this press release, a transgender life for his character is not out of the question:

" Sean Penn, who has a legion of gay fans from his role as the eponymous leader in Milk, is gending bending in his newest film, This Must be the Place. In the video we learn Penn's character, Cheyenne, is an aging rock star with long hair, makeup, and a sweet and softspoken demeaner. All the press materials calls Cheyenne "he," but you'd be hard pressed not to see some nods to transgender life in the role, too. Upon learning his father is dead, Cheyenne decides to hunt down the Nazi war criminal (in hiding in the U.S.) who humiliated papa during the war — going on a journey of self-discovery along the way. Frances McDormand (always a scene stealer) plays Jane, someone who loves Cheyenne, though it's not clear if she's the wife or girlfriend or some other intimate partner."


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