Thursday, June 30, 2016

She's Baaaack!

Perhaps you heard Caitlin Jenner's latest political pro Donald Trump comments. If you haven't heard your girl said the "Donald" seems to be very much behind the LGBT community. I think we are too Jenner,  if we are making him money in one of his hotels.

On the brighter side, in Utah, Misty Snow has made history as the state's first Senate Democratic transgender nominee.

It Was Soooo Easy!

"Back in the day" I tried to buy into the idea of women being domestic "princesses". I would "bribe" my wife into dressing up in heels, hose and a dress to have supper waiting when she got home from work.

I even wrote perfumed letters to an "admirer."

My, have times changed!  I just as soon go to a good restaurant than cook, dress attractively (but comfortably) and can barely remember the time I have received a real live letter. I have written here several times about my wife chiding me by saying I was just a pretty mirror princess and knew nothing about being a woman.

Since I am not the sharpest tack in the box, it took me years to finally figure out what she meant-but I did.

The journey started in what I called transvestite mixers in a group called the "Paradise Club." The closest meeting to me was over a hour and a half in Cleveland, Ohio. It was those meetings that I got to meet everyone from men in dresses smoking cigars and wearing cowboy hats in drag all the way to who I called the "A" listers, who seemed destined to take their so called "hobby" to greater lengths. In fact I knew two who went all the way through SRS.

I still was lost though. It seemed the more I experienced, the more questions I had and the transgender word or concept was still years to come. So, I kept on searching for who I really was not knowing I was still years away and one suicide attempt from figuring it out.

Looking back I often wonder how much easier my life would have been if I had just wanted to stay a guy.

I just couldn't do it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nikki Lee Carson

Former New Zealand Idol runner-up Nikki Lee says she "had a good life as a guy" but always knew deep down that she had another side she wanted to explore.

The reality TV star shared her gender reassignment journey in this week's issue of Woman's Day Magazine.
In the mag, Lee reveals that she underwent four operations in Phuket in order to complete her gender reassignment and live life as a woman.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rebecca Root

Britain's Recca Root confirmed this week, she will voice an alien in Zaltys, a new two-hour audio play from writer Matthew J Elliott. She will also feature alongside the Fifth Doctor's original line-up of TV companions - Adric, Nyssa and Tegan - reunited for the first time since March 1982.
The transgender actress will play the wise-cracking, gun-toting galactic scavenger Sable, who has set her sights on the mysterious planet of Zaltys; a world under threat from an imminent asteroid strike, and whose inhabitants have put themselves into a cryogenic sleep to avoid the ensuing nuclear winter. Her plan is to grab as much booty as she can from the sleeping planet, but her plans are thwarted by the arrival of the Tardis - and by a shared enemy also bearing down upon Zaltys. An enemy, according to director Barnaby Edwars, who is, "from the Doctor’s own past. An enemy from out of lBoy Meets Girl star Rebecca Root has joined the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, in a new Doctor Who audio drama from Big Finish. 
Go here for more.

Monday, June 27, 2016


In the thousand year or so history of Cyrsti's Condo or JJ's House, the blog was basically designed to show one side (mine) of a Mtf gender transition.

If you go back to the first year or so of the blog, you will detect the predictable love with everything externally feminine or as I like to call them "my cross dressing years."

Throughout the years, I grew from being a CD to being a proud transgender woman-but still learning.

After I sprouted my own set of breasts through the miracle of HRT, I learned a couple neat feminine hygienic musts such as washing under my armpits and under my breasts for the pesky "under boob" summer sweat.

Also I learned the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat when I change my two estrogen patches in Ohio humidity. They turn out to be like goo by the time I am done. Then again, some would argue I turn into a moody puddle o goo if I don't take them!

So there you go. Before you go thinking all those pretty, pretty princess pix on line are easy (except mine) look behind the scenes!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

JJ's Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! Another Sunday Edition is hitting your virtual front porch.
Weather: Ohio hot (90) but lower humidity. All in all not bad compared to others in West Virginia and out west in California. Sending good vibes your ways.

Page One:The Week that Was-or Wasn't: In our neck of the woods, post Orlando Pride celebrations continue with the local Cincinnati parade drawing over one hundred thousand. All went off without a hitch except I had a bad ankle and couldn't walk the route with my friends. It made me less than happy.

Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee-Opinion: During the week we mentioned a Mother's love for her transgender daughter. Yesterday my partner Liz brought me a brochure from the Cincinnati Children's Transgender Clinic. It is a wonderful facility which features services for children from 5-24, including puberty blockers, gender affirming hormones and others too numerous to mention. If you happen to live within the Cincinnati Ohio Metro area, they have three clinics. Plus, I am sure you are fortunate enough to live near a good sized city, similar services could be available, How great would it have been if all of us at the least would have had a chance at such a deal growing up!

Page Three: The Back Page: How great is the Pentagon has decided to lift transgender restrictions on active duty troops? It is supposed to occur on July 1st but no Connie, I am not going to "re-up"!

Well, "bad wheel" or not we have a busy day today. Thanks for spending your time to stop by JJ's!
Luv ya all :)

Saturday, June 25, 2016


"On Friday, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced the Pentagon will repeal the military’s active ban prohibiting transgender service members from serving openly, beginning on July 1. The decision to repeal came after recommendations from a working group examining the effect of lifting the ban, something Carter has previously indicated he favors.
According to USA Today, top military officials will meet as early as Monday, June 27, to finalize implementation of the plan. It would direct each branch of the armed services to roll out new policies reflecting the change in the areas of recruiting, housing and uniforms for transgender troops.
Last year, Carter all but indicated that repeal was in the works, and would only be halted if the working group concluded that removing the ban on transgender service members would have an “adverse impact on military effectiveness and readiness."
Being the doubter that I am, I have to say I thought the Pentagon would push this off until the next election. Who knows the nightmare that may bring!!!
Congratulations to this hard fought victory for all our actively serving transgender military members!

We Got Mail!

Connie wrote this interesting correlation between football and being transgender:

"In regard to your friend's daughter being blindsided with the "God" card, I immediately thought back to my old football days. As I'm sure you learned, too, while playing on the defensive line, if the player opposite you pulls out and leaves a hole wide open for you, you'd better watch out. I learned quickly that there was going to be another offensive player coming from one side or the other, just looking to take me out. 

So it can be with transitioning, as just when things are feeling OK to you and you step into the open, someone or something comes along to try and knock you down. But, you learn from the bad experiences, as well, and you become better prepared for the next time - even to the point of anticipating and thwarting the attack before it can cause harm.

 Of course, it took another 40 years for me after my football days to be able to apply what I had learned there to my gender dysphoria and transition, so your friend's daughter is going to be far ahead of me if she can only hang in there. Ha! I even believe that God gave me some talent for playing football as preparation for being a woman!!!! We all get there in our own ways."


Friday, June 24, 2016

Janie B

Somehow over the years, Janie B and I lost track. Number one she is younger and gorgeous but more importantly is going through what the rest of us have - or will- go through as we MtF transition. 
Janie B
Recently she added a fiction post to her blog called "Smile for the Camera" 
If you like a little well written transgender fiction, follow the link above!

What's Up? - Or Down

It's not often that I wake up to a lead news story these days from relatively staid Great Britain. But this morning the vote for the British to leave the European Union did it. It obviously was an emotional issue from which I don't understand all the far reaching ramifications except it's a great time to visit Paula in London with the pound plunging against the dollar.

Otherwise, things have been relatively copacetic for me. I do have a dear friend though who has a 20 something trans daughter who is struggling mightily with her gender dysphoria. Of course, it didn't help when the parent's of her friend threw the "God" card at her when she came out to them. 

None of that BS even deserves our time here, but it is a shame.  (However, it would be a good topic for another post examining the differences when you are rejected for being transgender at what age.)

The bad news is she is shy on deciding coming out further because we have several really nice LGBTQ groups in the metro Cincinnati area which could help.

The good news is her Mother really cares and embraces her. Most of us would agree, that is the hardest part. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Where Did Rude Paul Go?

Rude Paul, to my knowledge, didn't go anywhere. Instead I moved on. Good old Rude and his drag queen culture used to get my blood pressure rolling and kept me away from Pride events etc. 

I am happy to say I have outgrown him now. I can go to Pride events and gay venues as a proud transgender woman, as the gay and lesbian community is catching up to us quickly as far as knowledge goes.

I can even consider going to a drag show again.

It's nice to be free!!!

Living Like a Woman?

Every once in a while someone will ask me how long I have been "full time" or 24/7 as a woman.

The easy answer no one understands is I have lived my whole life as a transgender woman, you just never noticed and what exactly does that that mean anyhow?

It has just been in the last couple years, I have lived an "external" feminine life.

I guess 24/7 to me is to do everything from the stereotypical "girl" things to boy things too (like auto parts stores).

Getting here was tough, but I have a sense the toughest is yet to come.

My struggle is remembering gender is but a mirror and what people see of me from the outside may totally miss my insides.  Then again I have a group of friends who have always seen me for what I am and they make life on the heaven side more than the alternative-more than they will ever know.

After the meeting I went to yesterday, I realized how fortunate I am truly am.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Welcome Jessica!

Today we added a new blog for you to check out called "World of Cross Dressing" by Jessica.
Just look in our "wanna hook up" section, and if you have a blog you would like to exchange links with JJ's.
Let me know!!!

Lana Moore

   Columbus, Ohio

Monday, June 20, 2016

Cate McGregor (Archive)

Australian Cate McGregor (according to Wikipedia) (formerly Malcolm Gerard McGregor) is/was a serving member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). 
In 2012, McGregor was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in the Military Division for "exceptional service to the Australian Army as the Director of the Land Warfare Studies Centre".[10]
Catherine McGregor, The World's Highest Ranking Transgender Military Officer, Shares What It Was Like To Come OutFollowing a period between 2010 and 2013 when numerous ADF personnel were involved in misogynistic behaviour (including the non-consensual filming of sexual encounters with women), Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison AO responded in a video speech which was written by McGregor. In the speech he described the actions as a "direct contravention" of the Army's values, and said "those who think that it is okay to behave in a way that demeans of exploits their colleagues have no place in this army." 
In 2013, David Morrison "refused to accept " her resignation and she went public" as transgender. In November 2013 McGregor was the highest ranking transgender individual in the Army, and the speechwriter and strategic adviser for David Morrison.
McGregor has been appointed as a patron of Kaleidoscope Australia, a not-for-profit organisation focused on promoting and protecting the rights of LGBTI people in the Asia Pacific region and is to move into trans-advocacy, on a full-time basis.
Follow this link for more.


Well, the colonoscopy has come and gone. With it went a whole new set of paranoia's.

Since the Veterans Medical Choice Program can't seem to get my name correct (unlike the rest of the VA), I was in the Doctor's office records under my male name. The staff was good though as I recoiled at the name and simply said what was my name preference was.

From there it was pretty much clear sailing with the name, pro noun and restroom usage. In fact, the "discharge" nurse (no pun intended) specifically showed me to the women's room before we left.

Now when I sleep off the rest of the anesthesia, life will be back to it's usual hot summer day (90). Looking ahead to Pride weekend Saturday, the weather peeps are calling for another steamy Ohio Saturday for a two mile walk through downtown Cincinnati.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


In a previous life I was drafted into the military and fought in the Vietnam Era's debacle war. Seems like each generation has one.

I have always carried some guilt over my lack of protest when push came to shove. 

Very few of us though are fortunate enough to live second lives as transgender women or trans men and to make some sort of difference.

This time, I am finally working my way onto a couple committees to give of myself to help others in the Cincinnati Metro transgender community. 

I have spoken about both, but not together. 

The first is I'm working towards helping to put together this years "Transgender Day of Remembrance" in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky which is turning out to be an exceeding intricate large process. Not to mention difficult, when all you are working with is volunteers from essentially two close but geographically diverse places.

The second will begin Tuesday for me at the Dayton VA. Some time ago, my therapist asked me if I would be interested in an "outreach" program of sorts for transgender veterans which would originate with her. At the time I said sure! Then out of the clear blue sky, she called Thursday and said she was trying to put the first meeting together for next week, and could I make it?

Again, I said sure. Anything I could do to help a fellow trans veteran along and sometimes even survive.

She said she is expecting a small group of four for the first group to organize for the future.

Making the most of what I have done, will prepare me for the future! "Momma Karma" has had to given me a second chance for a reason.

J'J's Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! Another Sunday Edition is hitting your digital front porch!
Weather: Near 90 but medium humidity for another day or so before Momma Nature hits us with the dual H's...heat and humidity. Had a very respectful iced "Joe" (coffee) yesterday and am thinking about a hot one today! Let's get started:

Page One: The Week that Was-or Wasn't: Of course the tragedy at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando transfixed us most of the week. Once again, people were trying to figure out where all the hate comes from to take it out on innocent people, and in this country, the debate over automatic rifle control flares up again. Both, to big of topics to bring up here. The good news was the huge Columbus, Ohio pride went off with out a hitch last week and the almost as big Cincinnati is coming up next week. Chances to celebrate our community.

Page Two: Opinion- Yesterday's Coffee: I started my prep work for Monday's colonoscopy If you never have had one, the Doc gives you a mix of something which with out a doubt will clean you out.
I start it tonight very near my fave toilet. In the meantime I have to catch up shaving my legs, working on my nails and changing out my estrogen patches. See, I told you this wasn't easy!!!!

Page Three: Father's Day: I am and always will be Dad to my daughter and she has always meant the world to me. This is what she wrote me this morning:

"Thank you for being my Dad growing up! Because of you I am a stronger woman, because of you I am more tolerant of others...don't judge others by their looks but by their actions and look for more than material possessions in life. 

I Love You. 

I used almost a box of tissues crying. Blessed be.

Page Four: The Back Page: Well,it's time to wrap this up and enjoy the day before it gets too hot. Thanks for spending your precious time with me. Love you all!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Hug or a Shake?

After all this time in Mtf transgender transition mode, one of my most awkward moments is whether to hug or shake a guys hand when I meet him.

If I know him well, I usually follow the lead of the women and go in for a hug and am feeling much more comfortable doing it these days. Without reading too much into it, I am enjoying it more also.

I supposed I am allowed but seeing I came from a family which didn't thrive on human contact it's been rough. Plus working all those years as a guy didn't help either as no one hugged each other.

If I am meeting someone for the first time though I still (sort of) extend a hand to see how the rest is going to play out, and go from there.

A softer, gentler me.

Reach Out

Yesterday my psychologist called and asked if I would be interested in helping to set up a sort of out reach program she is putting together for transgender veterans at the Dayton VA hospital.

Of course I said I would be flattered to help and indeed I am.

I consider it the greatest form of good karma to pay ahead and help anyone else with my experiences like changing gender markers etc.

It's going to be a busy day on Tuesday with the VA trans vets meeting, then that evening I have a meeting with the Transgender Day of Remembrance Planning Commission I'm on for Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. 

Then of course Sunday I will be really going in prep for my colonoscopy early Monday morning.


Friday, June 17, 2016

THE Reason For Me To Go Pride

Turns outs this S.O.B is supposed to be at Cincinnati Pride:
Back in my Army days. one of the prerequisites of Basic Training was complete knowledge
 of  the M-16. (automatic rifle) I hope this guy has some training and really knows just a little about love. I feel sorry too for the police who have to follow this hater around.

The Longer and Widening Road

I get asked over and over again, "When did I 'know'? A supposed easy answer for the "civilian" who expects me to say 1964.

My problem is I seriously don't know the exact day, week or month I first went exploring in my Mom's underwear drawer. I can only tell them it was over a half century ago and something just clicked. Not unlike the cylinders in a safe falling into place.

Little did I know where the trip through Mom's clothes would take me and the changes that would take place.

So, here we are approximately a half century later and I am working on getting my VA primary care (similar to your family doc) transferred down here to Cincinnati. Which saves me, time, gas and wear and tear on my "Roll Royce."

Now I have to face other set of eyes who have never met me, not to mention some not so mention looks. I suppose now, I should be getting used to it and I am-to an extent.

Going back to Mom, I often wonder how she would react under similar circumstances to say "Jazz Jennings" parents. She and Dad probably had the insurance and the resources to handle the cost of hormone blockers.

Oh well, both of them are gone now and with them the greatest majority of the WWII/Depression generation too. It's a mute point. It seems our country has gone nuts and we as LGBTQ citizens all of the sudden are in the cross fire.

I seriously doubt a bullet proof vest was hidden among the hose, bras and panties.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Calm After the Storm

The calm after the storm. A rare double rainbow seen outside Liz's front door and dedicated to Orlando. She took the picture, I was busy crying...damn hormones!!!!

(Picture taken South over Ohio River East of Cincinnati.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Suck it Up Buttercup

Well, the much un-awaited moment of my first colonoscopy  is bearing down on me Monday. If you know anything about one, much of the difficult work is done the day before during a clean out period.

None of this is my first rodeo so to speak, after all I am a veteran of three former colonoscopies.

However this is my first procedure of any kind this far advanced into my MtF transition. As I have written, even though I know the nursing team has most likely seen it all before, perhaps, not so much with me. With my highly androgynous body.

I see Monday too, as an advanced look to at a medical future I am not sure I am ready for.

Not to be too crass here but it's time to bend over and get it started, I guess. The option of having colon cancer is much worse.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Courage, Perseverance, Pride

In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, I am sure LGBTQ people across the country are questioning their security at upcoming Pride events. 

Here in Cincinnati, it is no different to be sure as I watch most of the Facebook action. 

Fortunately, most of the response seems to be for everyone to move cautiously forward and not let acts of hate take away our lives as we know them. To do so is no worse than getting shoved back into closets we have worked so hard to get out of.
As far as I am concerned, I am going forward with a couple of my planned volunteer activities for Pride.

Plus keep a sharp eye out for anything. I have come too far to go back now.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lindsey Muller

636011862902538032-muller1.jpgFrom the Military TimesLindsey Muller spent most of her 16-year Army career as a man named Ryan. About two years ago, the UH-64 Apache Longbow pilot changed her name, started taking female hormones and underwent what the 34-year-old describes as “female puberty.”
The biggest step in her transition came in 2014, when she confronted her commanders with the fact she is a transgender soldier who, under current Pentagon rules, has a “psychosexual condition” that warrants medical separation. “When I walked into their offices I had the current policy in my hand,” Muller, a chief warrant officer 2, told Military Times. “I said ‘Hey, based on this regulation, I’m deemed unfit to serve. It was almost throwing myself at my commander’s mercy.”
The commanders' response was unexpected. “I was encouraged to stay and continue my career,” she said.
Follow the link above for more!

JJ's Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! Another Sunday Edition is hitting your virtual front porch.
Weather wise we are expecting another sweltering 90 degree humid Ohio summer day, so iced everything will be the way to go today! So let's get started:

Page One: The Week that Was-or Wasn't: First of all, my condolences go out to all the victims of senseless crimes this week. Of course the latest was the twenty plus casualties in Orlando last night at the "Pulse" Night Club. While my blog gently weeps, I just hope for more love in the world. It's frustrating when it seems every week you read of a new story of a gunman opening fire with an "AK-47" on a group of innocent civilians.

Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee-Opinion: Well, the bonfire has come and gone and I had an excellent time even though for once the trans girl wasn't the most interesting woman there.

That honor went to the woman who after about 15 minutes, said it was too hot and there were no men and pulled her wig off and set it on the table. (Cancer survivor plus paranormal ghost buster.)

If you look closely in the picture, I am in the back left corner wearing a striped top. As I said, an excellent time!!!

Page Three: The Back Page: As hot and humid as yesterday was, at certain times I wished I could take my wig off too, except of course I don't wear wear one. Plus, as it turned out, what was left of any makeup I tried to wear was a waste of time too. Which leads me to Connie's comment: "The best paint jobs always start with proper preparation and a good primer. More paint won't make up for those things; in fact, it usually only makes it worse. So it goes, working through our transitions."

I love you all and thanks for taking your time to stop by JJ's!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Are the Knives Sharpened?

It's been a minute since I have written here about the differences I learned almost immediately in gender conflict. Or, the stamina it takes to be a transgender woman survivor.

Very quickly I found men would either head to the other side of the room, ignore me or lay down the occasional cheap shot. Women however were much different of course.

I learned many times a smiling feminine face was concealing a sharp knife behind her back. So I ended up being wounded more than once.

It will be interesting to see how many of the women tomorrow night (23) migrate at all towards me or away from me.

I have been to "girls only" events before and the big difference was family talk versus sports and job talk. Which I can still do equally as well.

The only thing I don't have is grandkid pics...a needed accessory.

The only woman I can see who would remotely find me offensive is a religious right winger and I don't want to be part of that! (She doesn't.)

So, my junior knife set is sharpened and I can't wait to have a good time.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

It's All Just Paint

Back in the day, I always had an incredibly difficult time painting my model cars just right. Ironically that inadequacy carried on through to the present when I try to paint my own nails.

Last night though, I seemed to have a breakthrough of sorts as I gave myself a pedicure which is yet another girl thing I have to do before the Saturday "girl's only" bonfire invite.

While far from from perfect, I believe my work was serviceable and will be fine for my open toed footwear I plan for Saturday. Plus, once I started to try on clothes, not so surprisingly, I flew through option "A" and "B" and settled on "C". Which is by far the coolest most comfortable outfit I have for a 90 degree evening. Without having to go into too much detail. I' m wearing white culottes with a gray and blue striped top and macrame flip flops.

What is really nice these days is that I don't have to worry about wearing an overabundance of any makeup. Again making life much easier in the Ohio heat and humidity.

So maybe my problem was all the time, I was using too much paint! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ameila Gapin

My partner Liz is a runner, and me not so much, so imagine my surprise when she harrassed me for not even giving her latest "Women's Running" Magazine a second look. On the cover was a full length shot of Ameila Gapin runner first and transgender woman second.

The magazine itself did a wonderful job of taking on the task of the challenges trans women face when they compete as far as gender markers, testosterone levels etc.

I am not a runner, but I will gladly tell anyone who will listen, how estrogen and HRT will sap your body strength before you know it.

Ameila goes into it as only a dedicated runner can in this article. Plus, you can follow her SRS challenges on her blog link above.

JJ's Quote of the Day

"Sometimes the greatest Visibility is wrapped in Invisiblity." 

Weekend Bonfire with the Girls

A couple weeks ago or so, a long term dear friend was trying to get her women friends together for a bonfire. She is popular and ended up with 24 (I think) at last count.

I said sure I would come and immediately had to think of an outfit to wear and the other not so little extras which go along with being a woman.

In my case, my hair looks terrible to say the least and needs fresh color, and as I see it (no pun intended) I have two or three choices. Pretty much stay the same, go lighter or go back to my "Vibrant Violet." (No not violent.)

For the rest of my outfit, I am thinking of a very long black skirt I have with a very long slit which I hold together with a very big ornamental safety pin, with a black tank top. Or, since nothing is small on me, for lack of a better term, I do have a little black dress of sorts.

I know the black may sound a bit excessive for a summer evening in Ohio, but I'm trying to just provide an edge without cutting myself on it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016

Corey Maison

Stay confident: Erica boosted her daughter's self-esteem when she started her transition by telling her to pose for photos when strangers would try to take her picture¬†Slightly lost in the reemergence of Jazz Jennings has been Fourteen-year-old trans youth Corey Maison who created a brilliant anti-bullying video which has racked up some serious shares/views on social media. Through the use of cue cards and facial expression, it’s quite the emotional request for sanity from our larger society — many of whom are simply uneducated. And for other trans kids being bullied, affirmation that they’re not alone and hope for changes exists.
Corey previously attracted media attention when her mother posted a photo of Corey online during North Carolina’s bathroom bill controversy.
However, after Corey was taken out of school because she was being bullied, they came across a video of Jazz Jennings, a transgender YouTube star who Corey immediately identified with. 
After watching one of Jazz’s clips,Corey started dressing like a girl in public, and although she faced a great deal of harassment from strangers, her mother encouraged her to be confident by advising her to 'strike a pose' every time a stranger tried to take her picture.
After researching therapists who work with transgender children, Erica was sent five hours away from their home to the gender clinic at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago. 
Corey was soon given a $21,000 puberty-suppressing implant that was fully covered by insurance.

Go here for more.

It's Graduation Time

Yesterday, Liz's son graduated from a very rural Indiana high school. In some ways I still felt the old trepidation about going, but in other ways felt honored. 

It turned out, I didn't get much of a second glance and I wasn't pulled out and burned at a stake, so life went on.

As I watched though, I began to try to respond to Liz's questions to my graduation colors etc. The problem is next year is my 50th reunion and I don't remember many of the details, except not really wanting to be there at all.

Also, next year will be the big 5-0 reunion which I think I have discussed attending (or not) here at JJ's. 

My answer was and is-no I am not going for a couple of reasons.

The first is, I didn't know many people from the school when I went there and made no so called "life time" friends. If I did make those friends I would see them anyhow.

The second is, I don't want to be the entertainment and I don't need to make a statement for transgender women everywhere with an appearance.

The third is, ten years ago when I ran the most popular restaurant in town, they couldn't seem to find me then, so they don't need to find me now.

Good enough? 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

J.J.'s Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! Another Sunday edition is hitting your virtual front porch!
First the weather. It's a dreary gray day here in Southwestern Ohio but after it clears up, we are on the way to some beautiful weather next week. As always, I wish the best to those who aren't so fortunate. Lets grab a cup o' joe or tea and get started!
Page One: The Week that Was - or Wasn't: Once again last week, the stupid counter productive waste of time "restroom wars" battled on. Amidst it all came this fabulous video from "Kinky Boots" which went viral:


Page Two: In My Town You Do: A couple years back I wasn't too surprised to learn my backwards, negative hometown (which I was moving from) put out a social media page called "Not in my town you don't." Well, as it is turning out, they were wrong. The town is Springfield, Ohio and is basically between Dayton and Columbus and not so far from Cincinnati.

Due in part to problems shaking it's "Rust Belt" heritage, a few powerful preachers and politicians have been able to keep the city of approx 65,000 in the LGBTQ dark ages. Which in turn is a powerful deterrent these days attracting liberal white collar jobs.

Slowly but surely though, a small group founded an Equality Group, managed to raise enough money for billboards and this year-a bigger and better "Pride" event.
Then I saw this:

 SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (ABC NEWS/WRIC) — Katie Flesch spoke with ABC News to share the story behind her seven-year-old transgender daughter Elizabeth, who she described as a “typical little girl.”
She said that Elizabeth enjoys bowling, animals and likes to pick flowers for her family.
(photo credit: Katie Flesch via
Photo Credit : ABC
“She is one of the most amazing people that I know and that’s including children and adults,” Flesch said about her daughter. “She is so empathetic and just compassionate towards everybody. I am truly honored and blessed and lucky that she is mine.”
For more, follow the link.
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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Heart and Soul

This recent comment from Connie just happened to work in with a chapter I am writing for my second book , so I thought I would share it: "My new job, watering the hanging flower baskets in downtown Seattle, has given me an opportunity to do a lot of people-watching. Women definitely come in all shapes and sizes! Of course, I was already aware of that, but being on the sidewalk from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM allows me to see all kinds of women: from the homeless early in the morning, the working women a couple hours later (and again at lunchtime), to the tourists who are on their way to Seattle's "famous" Pike Place Market. No matter what the women are doing, there are still all shapes and sizes within each group. And there I am, blending right in with all of them (despite the ugly orange safety vest my boss told me to start wearing today). I may not be as sleek and chic as the business workers, but I don't have to wake up on the sidewalk, either. The one thing I know, though, is that, if I asked any one of the thousand women I see every day, they would tell me that there is something about their bodies they don't like. It was good enough for me when a woman stopped to say, "It's so nice to see a female doing the watering for a change." To possibly be but average on the feminine body scale does not mean I can't be intensely feminine in my heart and soul, just as with most of the multitude of women I observe every day."

The chapter is called "What is a Woman" and fits in with the war transgender people everywhere are fighting with "gender bigots" who can't get it through their "pea" brains that trans women are men in drag invading women's rest rooms to pee.

Thanks as always Connie for a thought provoking comment!
From Change.Org:
"My name is Blair Durkee and I'm a South Carolinian trans woman, born and raised in Greenville, earning my graduate degree in Computer Science from Clemson University. I am one of many transgender Americans who is harmfully targeted by anti-LGBT legislation like the discriminatory S. 1203.

S. 1203 sought to prevent schools and municipalities from allowing trans people like me from using sex-designated bathrooms. While the bill, thankfully, was defeated, the anti-trans animus behind it is still very much alive. This is true of one of my state's elected officials, state Senator Lee Bright, who sponsored and supported S. 1203, and for the many like him across the country who have supported the more than one hundred discriminatory anti-LGBT bills that have been introduced this year, alone."
Follow the link to sign. Thanks to Liz for passing this along. With young up and coming transgender women entering the world, like Blair Durkee the trans future will be bright!

Friday, June 3, 2016

BIG Changes Coming?

According to Time Magazine:" The Department of Veterans Affairs has quietly proposed lifting a ban on sex reassignment surgery that has been in place since the early 1990s, in what would be a major shift in its coverage of medical treatment for transgender veterans.
The V.A.’s proposed rule would follow in the footsteps of a similar change Medicare made in 2014, and would align the V.A. with the latest research on treatment options for transgender people, which has evolved since the V.A.’s ban was instituted more than two decades ago.
“At that time some of these surgical procedures were not as well developed as they are now,” says Jillian Shipherd, a co-director of the V.A.’s LGBT health care program. “The science about what the international standards of care are was very different from where we are today.”

From Pockets to Purses

As I transitioned, I transitioned of course from pockets to  purses. 

Sounds easy, right? So much more room, so many more possibilities. Then reality set in. As with anything, the grass is not always greener.

First of all, you have to find the right purse. If you are like me, I'm going in circles, running errands and trying to catch my tail-no time for a designer bag. Over the shoulder is good for me too. That way, I always know where my purse is.

Which is important. My billfold and you could say my life as I know it has found it's way into one of the most endearing forms of femininity. 

I have found, purses are great conversation starters too. My latest Target purchase was a fringed bag which I see are becoming more and more popular - for now. I just love your bag!

The nice thing too about purses is they come in all sizes (so you can carry your dog, except mine, 91 pounds) or just a few essentials. I have learned to not get too fancy with mine because I am so scatter brained and I just hate it when Liz just asks "are you bringing a purse?"

Sometimes I don't. She bought me a nice large billfold/wallet to carry all my essential cards and very little cash in. So sometimes I am lazy and don't, but on days I know I am going to be "out and about" all day I carry my "fringe" bag because of the extra room it offers.

I rarely wear skirts so I struggle with those pesky pockets a lot. My women's jeans have them and my first move in a cashiers line is to put my keys and change in them.

I suppose there is no right or wrong way. As you transition (unless you already have) you will find your way and for the most part, the world of purses is a pleasant one.

Trans Vet Fighting Again!

Janice Allison, a Charlotte resident and military veteran,¬†refuses to abide by the bathroom principles laid out in HB2. (Source: Janice Allison) From CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -
Charlotte resident Janice Allison refuses to abide by the bathroom principles laid out in North Carolina's House Bill 2. A military veteran and transgender woman herself, she made her stance on the law clear at last week’s Charlotte City Council meeting.
For more, go here.

If I Had to Do It Again

Yet another round of Doctor's visits today at the VA, this time with my endocrinologist (all fluids checked out OK) But today the visit was different in that I had two residents in the room, eager for a training look at a true transgender woman.

So for a half hour or so, I was subjected to medical questions plus the usual breast exam by the Doc who always points out the difference between my hormone induced girls and a cis girls.

As I was leaving, I couldn't help but notice each of the training docs were at the least my size and attractive. On my way down in the elevator, I couldn't help but remember what Jazz Jennings Mother had detailed if Jazz had not had hormone blockers. How would I have turned out?

First of all, it is such a mute point, it is almost fun to think about. How about, turning Connie loose on this one: "If life Gives you Lemons, you make Lemonade." Go ahead and substitute balls at your leisure.

Second of all, the blockers are expensive to the tune of one thousand dollars a month.

Finally, I don't see all my time as a guy as a waste, specifically when I consider my daughter and grand kids- by far my most precious possessions.

On the other hand, just the idea of having a body as intensely feminine as the two residents today was intoxicating.

Of course I will never know, and most of the time think I am playing with house money at the age of 66.

But I will take it. I just heard yesterday, a younger person I had worked closely with years ago suddenly passed away.

So, just reshuffle the deck and call me a survivor, and that works too.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jazz is Back

 From Wikipedia:
"Jazz Jennings (born October 6, 2000) is an American trans womanYouTube personality, spokesmodel, television personality and LGBTQ rights activist. Jennings is notable for being one of the youngest publicly documented people to be identified as gender dysphoric, and for being the youngest person to become a national transgender figure. Jennings received national attention in 2007 when an interview with Barbara Walters aired on 20/20, which led to other high-profile interviews and appearances. Christine Connelly, a member of the board of directors for the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY), stated, "She was the first young person who picked up the national spotlight, went on TV and was able to articulate her perspective and point of view with such innocence,"

The new season of her show is starting now on TLC, check for a link here to see if you can get it! For those of you who think looks is an end all/be all to achieving trans happiness, this show will set you straight.

How's the Water?

Thanks Paula for sending a couple comments from England about transgender swimming groups being formed which are quite popular,

 Paula GoodwinJune 2, 2016 at 5:10 AM
Here in the UK we have a wonderful group of people who organize special trans swimming session in local pools, I have been to a few and it is quite liberating, but even better for the trans men
Plus as I understand it, that includes access to the changing rooms and showers...
I'm afraid the  situation in the states is so tender right now...the pickets would be forming even for a private event but give it awhile and it is an incredible idea.
The UK is always ahead of us in so many ways and much more civilized.


"Over here in the UK we have a movement starting for safe spaces for exercise, led by TAGS who arrange with Local Authorities to provide swimming pool time and changing facilities specifically for trans people. This is great since it means that whatever point we are at we can get changed, shower and swim with no worry about how the people will react."

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We Got Mail

From Connie "It most certainly would be a brave soldier who would volunteer to have the spotlight put on her or him for being a trans person in the military today. This may be just the thing to tip the scales toward acceptance, though!" From my time in the service, I can't believe the pressure the very few "out" transgender military troops feel. They must find pockets of acceptance from superiors is all I can figure.

From Pat:  "Thank you Cyrsti and all the veterans who served the greatest country the world has known. I was at a very moving Memorial Day Ceremony yesterday. After it broke up it was interesting to watch the vets from the various services get together with the Marines dissing on the Navy, the Navy on the Army and everyone dissing on the Coast Guard. These were all contemps of mine who spend time in Vietnam...Who served at DaNang...who was on a vessel support the Tet...etc. I did not see any of the Vietnam era folks happy with the Obama apology tour stopping to disparage America in Hanoi and the former Saigon. Many wondered why he could not stop AF 1 on the way back home in Hawaii to honor the Americans who were killed during the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor. Others wondered why, during his annual visits to vacation in Hawaii he could not find the time to lay a wreath at Pearl Harbor like he did at Hiroshima.
While some may talk about his kind words about LGBT others question his value as CIC".

Thanks to you Pat! Obama indeed will have a "curious" legacy at the least. 

Back to Connie:  "My brother-in-law was a Vietnam vet. He suffered from the effects of agent orange his whole adult life, including the cancer that ultimately killed him just last year. It wasn't until his mid-sixties that he finally even wanted to say or hear anything about his stint in the service, although I know it haunted him on a regular basis. I told him once that I was sorry I didn't do my part, and he said, "Why the hell should you be sorry; consider yourself lucky." I suppose that I was lucky enough to narrowly miss the draft with a lottery number of 122, which is right where they stopped taking draftees. Now, for me it's a "there but for the grace of God" attitude that I have. 

On a lighter note: If the BBQ bitch ever joined in with the LGBTQ community, would we have to make it the LGBBQT community!!"

Yes, my draft number was the only thing I ever won with a "27" my ex brother scored in the upper 200's. Looking back, I got the better end of things. He still lives within a mile from where we grew up and married a neighbor girl. Uncle Sam sent me to three continents on his Dime in three years. I'm still alive, wiser and not allowed in his house!!!