Sunday, June 5, 2016

J.J.'s Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! Another Sunday edition is hitting your virtual front porch!
First the weather. It's a dreary gray day here in Southwestern Ohio but after it clears up, we are on the way to some beautiful weather next week. As always, I wish the best to those who aren't so fortunate. Lets grab a cup o' joe or tea and get started!
Page One: The Week that Was - or Wasn't: Once again last week, the stupid counter productive waste of time "restroom wars" battled on. Amidst it all came this fabulous video from "Kinky Boots" which went viral:


Page Two: In My Town You Do: A couple years back I wasn't too surprised to learn my backwards, negative hometown (which I was moving from) put out a social media page called "Not in my town you don't." Well, as it is turning out, they were wrong. The town is Springfield, Ohio and is basically between Dayton and Columbus and not so far from Cincinnati.

Due in part to problems shaking it's "Rust Belt" heritage, a few powerful preachers and politicians have been able to keep the city of approx 65,000 in the LGBTQ dark ages. Which in turn is a powerful deterrent these days attracting liberal white collar jobs.

Slowly but surely though, a small group founded an Equality Group, managed to raise enough money for billboards and this year-a bigger and better "Pride" event.
Then I saw this:

 SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (ABC NEWS/WRIC) — Katie Flesch spoke with ABC News to share the story behind her seven-year-old transgender daughter Elizabeth, who she described as a “typical little girl.”
She said that Elizabeth enjoys bowling, animals and likes to pick flowers for her family.
(photo credit: Katie Flesch via
Photo Credit : ABC
“She is one of the most amazing people that I know and that’s including children and adults,” Flesch said about her daughter. “She is so empathetic and just compassionate towards everybody. I am truly honored and blessed and lucky that she is mine.”
For more, follow the link.
Page Three: The Back Page: As always, thanks for stopping by JJ's! Luv ya all!!

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