Saturday, June 4, 2016

Heart and Soul

This recent comment from Connie just happened to work in with a chapter I am writing for my second book , so I thought I would share it: "My new job, watering the hanging flower baskets in downtown Seattle, has given me an opportunity to do a lot of people-watching. Women definitely come in all shapes and sizes! Of course, I was already aware of that, but being on the sidewalk from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM allows me to see all kinds of women: from the homeless early in the morning, the working women a couple hours later (and again at lunchtime), to the tourists who are on their way to Seattle's "famous" Pike Place Market. No matter what the women are doing, there are still all shapes and sizes within each group. And there I am, blending right in with all of them (despite the ugly orange safety vest my boss told me to start wearing today). I may not be as sleek and chic as the business workers, but I don't have to wake up on the sidewalk, either. The one thing I know, though, is that, if I asked any one of the thousand women I see every day, they would tell me that there is something about their bodies they don't like. It was good enough for me when a woman stopped to say, "It's so nice to see a female doing the watering for a change." To possibly be but average on the feminine body scale does not mean I can't be intensely feminine in my heart and soul, just as with most of the multitude of women I observe every day."

The chapter is called "What is a Woman" and fits in with the war transgender people everywhere are fighting with "gender bigots" who can't get it through their "pea" brains that trans women are men in drag invading women's rest rooms to pee.

Thanks as always Connie for a thought provoking comment!

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