Friday, June 17, 2016

The Longer and Widening Road

I get asked over and over again, "When did I 'know'? A supposed easy answer for the "civilian" who expects me to say 1964.

My problem is I seriously don't know the exact day, week or month I first went exploring in my Mom's underwear drawer. I can only tell them it was over a half century ago and something just clicked. Not unlike the cylinders in a safe falling into place.

Little did I know where the trip through Mom's clothes would take me and the changes that would take place.

So, here we are approximately a half century later and I am working on getting my VA primary care (similar to your family doc) transferred down here to Cincinnati. Which saves me, time, gas and wear and tear on my "Roll Royce."

Now I have to face other set of eyes who have never met me, not to mention some not so mention looks. I suppose now, I should be getting used to it and I am-to an extent.

Going back to Mom, I often wonder how she would react under similar circumstances to say "Jazz Jennings" parents. She and Dad probably had the insurance and the resources to handle the cost of hormone blockers.

Oh well, both of them are gone now and with them the greatest majority of the WWII/Depression generation too. It's a mute point. It seems our country has gone nuts and we as LGBTQ citizens all of the sudden are in the cross fire.

I seriously doubt a bullet proof vest was hidden among the hose, bras and panties.

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