Friday, June 3, 2016

From Pockets to Purses

As I transitioned, I transitioned of course from pockets to  purses. 

Sounds easy, right? So much more room, so many more possibilities. Then reality set in. As with anything, the grass is not always greener.

First of all, you have to find the right purse. If you are like me, I'm going in circles, running errands and trying to catch my tail-no time for a designer bag. Over the shoulder is good for me too. That way, I always know where my purse is.

Which is important. My billfold and you could say my life as I know it has found it's way into one of the most endearing forms of femininity. 

I have found, purses are great conversation starters too. My latest Target purchase was a fringed bag which I see are becoming more and more popular - for now. I just love your bag!

The nice thing too about purses is they come in all sizes (so you can carry your dog, except mine, 91 pounds) or just a few essentials. I have learned to not get too fancy with mine because I am so scatter brained and I just hate it when Liz just asks "are you bringing a purse?"

Sometimes I don't. She bought me a nice large billfold/wallet to carry all my essential cards and very little cash in. So sometimes I am lazy and don't, but on days I know I am going to be "out and about" all day I carry my "fringe" bag because of the extra room it offers.

I rarely wear skirts so I struggle with those pesky pockets a lot. My women's jeans have them and my first move in a cashiers line is to put my keys and change in them.

I suppose there is no right or wrong way. As you transition (unless you already have) you will find your way and for the most part, the world of purses is a pleasant one.

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