Thursday, June 9, 2016

It's All Just Paint

Back in the day, I always had an incredibly difficult time painting my model cars just right. Ironically that inadequacy carried on through to the present when I try to paint my own nails.

Last night though, I seemed to have a breakthrough of sorts as I gave myself a pedicure which is yet another girl thing I have to do before the Saturday "girl's only" bonfire invite.

While far from from perfect, I believe my work was serviceable and will be fine for my open toed footwear I plan for Saturday. Plus, once I started to try on clothes, not so surprisingly, I flew through option "A" and "B" and settled on "C". Which is by far the coolest most comfortable outfit I have for a 90 degree evening. Without having to go into too much detail. I' m wearing white culottes with a gray and blue striped top and macrame flip flops.

What is really nice these days is that I don't have to worry about wearing an overabundance of any makeup. Again making life much easier in the Ohio heat and humidity.

So maybe my problem was all the time, I was using too much paint! 

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