How's the Water?

Thanks Paula for sending a couple comments from England about transgender swimming groups being formed which are quite popular,

 Paula GoodwinJune 2, 2016 at 5:10 AM
Here in the UK we have a wonderful group of people who organize special trans swimming session in local pools, I have been to a few and it is quite liberating, but even better for the trans men
Plus as I understand it, that includes access to the changing rooms and showers...
I'm afraid the  situation in the states is so tender right now...the pickets would be forming even for a private event but give it awhile and it is an incredible idea.
The UK is always ahead of us in so many ways and much more civilized.


"Over here in the UK we have a movement starting for safe spaces for exercise, led by TAGS who arrange with Local Authorities to provide swimming pool time and changing facilities specifically for trans people. This is great since it means that whatever point we are at we can get changed, shower and swim with no worry about how the people will react."