Saturday, June 25, 2016

We Got Mail!

Connie wrote this interesting correlation between football and being transgender:

"In regard to your friend's daughter being blindsided with the "God" card, I immediately thought back to my old football days. As I'm sure you learned, too, while playing on the defensive line, if the player opposite you pulls out and leaves a hole wide open for you, you'd better watch out. I learned quickly that there was going to be another offensive player coming from one side or the other, just looking to take me out. 

So it can be with transitioning, as just when things are feeling OK to you and you step into the open, someone or something comes along to try and knock you down. But, you learn from the bad experiences, as well, and you become better prepared for the next time - even to the point of anticipating and thwarting the attack before it can cause harm.

 Of course, it took another 40 years for me after my football days to be able to apply what I had learned there to my gender dysphoria and transition, so your friend's daughter is going to be far ahead of me if she can only hang in there. Ha! I even believe that God gave me some talent for playing football as preparation for being a woman!!!! We all get there in our own ways."


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