Sunday, June 19, 2016


In a previous life I was drafted into the military and fought in the Vietnam Era's debacle war. Seems like each generation has one.

I have always carried some guilt over my lack of protest when push came to shove. 

Very few of us though are fortunate enough to live second lives as transgender women or trans men and to make some sort of difference.

This time, I am finally working my way onto a couple committees to give of myself to help others in the Cincinnati Metro transgender community. 

I have spoken about both, but not together. 

The first is I'm working towards helping to put together this years "Transgender Day of Remembrance" in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky which is turning out to be an exceeding intricate large process. Not to mention difficult, when all you are working with is volunteers from essentially two close but geographically diverse places.

The second will begin Tuesday for me at the Dayton VA. Some time ago, my therapist asked me if I would be interested in an "outreach" program of sorts for transgender veterans which would originate with her. At the time I said sure! Then out of the clear blue sky, she called Thursday and said she was trying to put the first meeting together for next week, and could I make it?

Again, I said sure. Anything I could do to help a fellow trans veteran along and sometimes even survive.

She said she is expecting a small group of four for the first group to organize for the future.

Making the most of what I have done, will prepare me for the future! "Momma Karma" has had to given me a second chance for a reason.

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