Monday, June 27, 2016


In the thousand year or so history of Cyrsti's Condo or JJ's House, the blog was basically designed to show one side (mine) of a Mtf gender transition.

If you go back to the first year or so of the blog, you will detect the predictable love with everything externally feminine or as I like to call them "my cross dressing years."

Throughout the years, I grew from being a CD to being a proud transgender woman-but still learning.

After I sprouted my own set of breasts through the miracle of HRT, I learned a couple neat feminine hygienic musts such as washing under my armpits and under my breasts for the pesky "under boob" summer sweat.

Also I learned the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat when I change my two estrogen patches in Ohio humidity. They turn out to be like goo by the time I am done. Then again, some would argue I turn into a moody puddle o goo if I don't take them!

So there you go. Before you go thinking all those pretty, pretty princess pix on line are easy (except mine) look behind the scenes!

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