Friday, June 24, 2016

What's Up? - Or Down

It's not often that I wake up to a lead news story these days from relatively staid Great Britain. But this morning the vote for the British to leave the European Union did it. It obviously was an emotional issue from which I don't understand all the far reaching ramifications except it's a great time to visit Paula in London with the pound plunging against the dollar.

Otherwise, things have been relatively copacetic for me. I do have a dear friend though who has a 20 something trans daughter who is struggling mightily with her gender dysphoria. Of course, it didn't help when the parent's of her friend threw the "God" card at her when she came out to them. 

None of that BS even deserves our time here, but it is a shame.  (However, it would be a good topic for another post examining the differences when you are rejected for being transgender at what age.)

The bad news is she is shy on deciding coming out further because we have several really nice LGBTQ groups in the metro Cincinnati area which could help.

The good news is her Mother really cares and embraces her. Most of us would agree, that is the hardest part. 

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