Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Weekend Bonfire with the Girls

A couple weeks ago or so, a long term dear friend was trying to get her women friends together for a bonfire. She is popular and ended up with 24 (I think) at last count.

I said sure I would come and immediately had to think of an outfit to wear and the other not so little extras which go along with being a woman.

In my case, my hair looks terrible to say the least and needs fresh color, and as I see it (no pun intended) I have two or three choices. Pretty much stay the same, go lighter or go back to my "Vibrant Violet." (No not violent.)

For the rest of my outfit, I am thinking of a very long black skirt I have with a very long slit which I hold together with a very big ornamental safety pin, with a black tank top. Or, since nothing is small on me, for lack of a better term, I do have a little black dress of sorts.

I know the black may sound a bit excessive for a summer evening in Ohio, but I'm trying to just provide an edge without cutting myself on it!

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