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Can't Fool Transgender Folk!

From "" in Mobile, Alabama. "A fundraiser for Relay for Life Mobile County South, attracted 11 men willing to dress up in women’s clothing and strut their stuff at American Legion Post No. 250 on March 19. Chairperson Pat Creel said the judges chose Butch (aka “Candy”) Guimond, a “retired sailor” from Fowl River, as the fairest of them all. The winners donated their financial prizes to Relay for Life, bringing the total donation for American Cancer Society to $2,500. “We even got one man to sign up as a contestant for next year,” Creel said." All right, the guy who signed up for next year has all year to "practice" in front of family and friends! Smart move! It brings back memories of some of the old "Playboy" cartoons.  A beautiful woman was admiring herself in the mirror.  There was an old guy behind her saying something to the effect of "O.K.Junior, how long are you going to practice for the play!"

Some Good...Some Bad.

The good. " Singapore " is hosting an on line contest transgendered beauty pageant.  The small island is prosperous but very conservative and this pageant is the first of it's kind.  " Tru Me " is the contest's name. Follow the link to yet another wonderful example of Asian beauty! The good. " Oprah Winfrey's " interview with trans super model " Lea T ."  Oprah usually always does it right but can't stay away from the "where do the male parts go?" questions. I also felt that "Lea's" true beauty really came through on the show. The not so good. " Adam Sandler " who is currently filming his latest movie "Jack and Jill" also took time to cheap shot his transgendered housekeeper On "David Letterman".  He should be getting makeup and fashion tips from his housekeeper. Is this is the best the "Hollywood" makeup guru's can do with Sandler? Really? What a disappointme

Really Split Ends!

An ancient story returns once again, "Mona Lisa" was a male. Several sites have reported "Mona" was modeled after a possible Leonardo da Vinci love interest. The claim came from Silvano Vinceti , chairman of the Italian national committee for cultural heritage. He went on to say  the Florence-born Renaissance artist's male apprentice and possible lover Salai was the main inspiration for the picture. Nothing new here. We always knew the most intriguing women are guys! On the flip side, have you heard of the Justin Bieber web site? Well not quite. This site is " Lesbians who look like "The Bieb's" Here's your challenge "gf's"  A trans male who dresses as a lesbian to look like Justin Bieber. Then again, who would want too?