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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Another De-Transitionist


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Recently I read another social media account post from a person stating they (my pronoun) were no longer identifying as transgender.

Predictably, they received push back from their followers. Many said it was a mistake and managed to state their thoughts in a very negative way. I simply said, it's your life, you should live it as you choose. Which for many transgender women or trans men is easier said than done. Many asked why and they replied they were not happy.

As far as I am concerned, I have written before how in my life, happiness has been difficult to achieve anyhow so a simple gender comparison for me was easy to make. The only fact I could zero in on was I was intensely unhappy with my old male life and wanted it to end. Plus, it made it easier for me to decide to give my feminine side a chance. One of the reasons was, everytime I had dared to give her a chance, the entire process felt so natural. Destiny was telling me my life was always supposed to be this way. I knew my gender path would not be an easy one but I was prepared to face adversity. Such as losing my family, friends and finances. 

I certainly do not put myself up on any sort of pedestal and think I am the only one who felt the way I did when I considered the forks in the road to get out of my gender closet. In addition, when I considered the person who wanted to de-transition, I wonder how deep they were into attempting to live as their authentic self. Or, were they confused what their authentic self was to begin with. It took me years to figure it out in my case. 

Perhaps a person who is considering going back to their birth gender didn't realize how completing a gender transition is nothing to play with. It's much more than changing clothes and entering a world stripped of all your old male privileges. It's a lifetime of commitment in an ever changing country which in many areas is enacting anti-transgender laws designed to put roadblocks in our ways. Conceivably, going back would also put them back in good graces with an unaccepting family system. I can understand the powerful draw of going back. In my case none of it worked. Once I started down the very serious path to living a feminine life, I knew I could never go back. My mental health improved and I was able to live happily as a full-time transgender woman. 

My biggest concern for the person saying they are transitioning is they don't go from the proverbial frying pan into the fire when they attempt to return to their previous gender. In the end, I hope they can just find happiness. 

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