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Phase Two Reconstruction

Last night I attended another meeting of Love Must Win Inc whose goal it is to provide a safe space for anyone needing it-from the LGBT family to drug addicts and beyond (and sadly there is a beyond.) Last night, at the monthly lottery, I won a months worth of free yoga and/or  Pilates  which ideally could work into my other fitness goals. I'm trying to work towards a healthier summer and do a better job of not trying to kill my self with sun poisoning. Last summer, I got so overwhelmed by the idea I could finally wear tank tops etc. and get a tan for the first time in my life-I had no idea I really couldn't. No Cheap Shots on this Woman (cis?) doing Pilates? I found out the hard way the sun kicks off a hereditary condition which causes my system to store way too much iron. So I'm calling my summer the "season of the vampire" because of my need to stay out of direct sunlight. The question I have had for a minute is, truthfully (like I would B.S. yo