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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Terf's in the UK

 Paula responded to our Cyrsti's Condo post on "Trans excusatory radical feminists" or TERFS in the UK where she lives:

Yes they are a BIG problem here in the UK, they are a very small but very vocal and very well funded minority, and our media seem to hear and listen to them. For me the idea they embrace of bodily determinism is diametrically opposed to main stream feminism ~ but a lot of people who claim to be feminists really aren't or haven't really thought it all through. They also seem to miss understand what it is they should be fighting, men are not the enemy, the patrimony is. I have been fairly active in both the feminist movement and LGBT+ matters over here so I am well aware of how much of a minority they really are, not all feminists and certainly not all lesbians are TERFs."

Thanks for the response Paula!

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