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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Eating our Young


Image from the Jessie Hart

Recently I read a lengthy comment on social media from a current board member of the transgender-crossdresser local group I am part of. 

In essence, the post was about so called meddling with the current board of directors from "retired" board members. In many ways the whole meddling process is a continuing system which tears apart the transgender community. A primary example is the "I'm more trans than you" sad logic which too many people try to subscribe to. Sometimes the idea is born when someone has more gender surgeries than another transgender person. Over the years, I encountered push back questioning my transness simply because I hadn't undergone any gender surgeries at all. They looked at my choice as some sort of a gender negative. In response, my friend (also a transwoman) and I used to refer to the naysayers as "Trans-Nazi's". 

Backtracking just a bit, the local group I have been a part of for years seemingly goes through a push to tear it apart every so often by well meaning people. My prime example came  years ago when a far-right leaning transgender woman was pushing her views into the group, which initially kept me away. Predictably, during the pandemic she refused to be vaccinated and died from Covid. 

Since it is a volunteer organization, it is difficult to find people to step up at all. Especially if there is any friction at all. In many ways, I think the problem stems from a deeper problem which comes from lingering systems of having a male ego. Some are jealous of other transwomen who may be more attractive or have other problems with their personality. Since all of the sudden, people with such diverse backgrounds are brought together under often a vague umbrella called transgender. The expectations are often unreasonable. 

The problem is the whole scenario effects the solidarity we all LGBTQ+ individuals need to combat the surge of anti-transgender bills around the country. I am still amazed when I encounter the occasional transgender person (or mostly cross dressers) who still support the political party which is not the Democratic one or a candidate which supports doing away with our existence all together. I can't fathom their thought pattern.

At this stage in my life, I rely on my writing to do my outreach. Through my contacts with the Alzheimer's association, I am being contacted by another group for an interview of some sort. I look forward to being able to spread the word of diversity. 

In the meantime, I hope the local trans-crossdresser group can heal their spat and move on for the betterment of us all.  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Is A Trans Feminist?

It's the time of year when the feminist bigots line up at (their) yearly Michfest Festival which is described as for being only for 'Womyn Born Womyn."  Now the organizers claim it's not an "official policy" as every year, protests grow stronger. 

Last year, it was the music group Indigo Girls, who refused to come back, if changes weren't made. (They didn't.)  This year it is Equality Michigan who launched a petition urging organizers of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival to put an end to their 'Womyn Born Womyn' policy (which isn't one.)

Actually,  Michfest is within a days drive from where I live, so ideally (if we wanted to) my partner Liz and I could go.  If we did, since Liz is a "Womyn born Womyn" she is allowed in, not me.

I have mixed emotions. On one side I think these intransigent bigoted bitches can have their precious festival on the other- this bitch should have the freedom to go.

Then I wonder, why is a sector of the feminist community so against letting me at the least, play a bit in their segregated end of the girls sandbox?  I'm a pretty harmless critter, and if I did bite-my shots are up to date.  If I was them, I would wonder what I could bring to their table as a trans feminist?

By definition (mine) I would describe a trans feminist as a person who supports the basic rights of women to equal wages and now the increasingly strong battle to take away a women's right to choose what's right for her own body. It seems, however small, my support would be welcome?

I know by nature, we human critters love to form clubs, teams and or cliques.  When we do, we are set up to exclude others which the Terf's ( Acronym for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) do.  I'm also not ashamed to admit I can't follow much of their convoluted male privilege rant. I know part of what they say is true - but they don't ever seem to mention any perception of female privilege? Remember kids, a portion of "privilege is simply perception."  Plus wasn't a person like me who was stuck behind enemy lines be a resource?  I know...blah, blah, blah.

Like I said, the whole subject turns my noggin upside down.  I will however continue to go down my own path of trans feminism which does by nature cross paths with radical feminism.

Like I said, I wouldn't go to Michfest anyhow but I sure would love to go to "TheDinah"!!!!

Club Skirts presents The Dinah!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

For the Non Humorist Peeps

From theFrisky: Wear Your Annoying Feminism Around Your Neck -- Sick of having the same-old-same-old convo with your misogynist friends and neighbors? Tired of always having to explain to your nearest and dearest how your annoying feminism is an inflexible, static part of your political worldview? Then maybe you need to cut to the chase and get one of these “Feminist Killjoy” necklaces. [$32, Etsy]

A Vocal Trans Girl

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