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Chris Walls

Reportively Chris Walls was the Headmaster 16 year old Ashlyn Parram  (above) backed down after being refused testing when she showed up in her girls uniform.   Ashlyn showed him a copy of the Equality Act 2010, which stated she had to be treated the same as other pupils at the Giles Academy, Lincolnshire. Ashlyn, who was wearing make-up and hair extensions as well as a girl’s uniform, claimed, however, that when she returned to the sports hall for the GCSE maths paper she was segregated from other pupils. She was put at the back of the room 40ft from everyone else. Ashlyn, who used to be called Lewis, said: ‘The whole way through the exam I felt like bursting into tears, and it was around 15 minutes before I even started the exam because I was so upset. Two points: If this story is true then Chris Walls should be deluged with emails about his attitude and two:  What the hell is the Mail on line doing following up a "16 Year Old Transsexual" headline with the &q