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Kristin Beck Speaks Out

CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 seems to have cornered the first Kristin Beck interviews I have been able to see. Go here for an inside look how Kristin was able to live her life as a Navy Seal. Much of what she says sounds very familiar. If you were a transgender vet or not!


Bought a new mattress. It's one of those memory foam deals. (Hope it has more memory than I have!) I read the directions for once in my life on anything. (Hormones?) The instructions said to let it breath...Really? It doubled in height in the first 4 hours and now I'm worried I will wake up on the ceiling. Watched the Anderson Cooper show which had the interview with Mandi who is a bottle baby transsexual: Mandi, who was born male, spoke out for the first time, claiming that a hair loss treatment caused him to become transgender. Should have tried that on my Mom. I got into my Dad's stash of whiskey and now.... After watching the interview I wondered why it was sending all the "trans watch dogs groups" into a frenzy.  I went into a frenzy thinking I wasted part of my life watching such a ridiculous act. I'm sure Anderson was too. Temperature finally dropped about 30 degrees and yes I am cold already. Damn hormones. Hope my sweater isn't hidden und