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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dayton Ohio Area Girls!

Ok girls, do you remember my post about the new Mary Kay makeup person who wanted to "borrow my face" to work on?
This is what grew out of it:

First, I'm not naive enough to think I know all there is about basic skin care and I believe totally in the clean canvas to work from but what I really need is for someone who knows what they are doing to work with me on colors and contouring. 

I was referred at this point  to "makeup guru" Alisha Manley. We covered a lot of ground quickly in our first conversation. Bless her heart, she mentioned her cousin was a drag queen and then said that probably meant very little to me. Cool, the last makeup style I'm looking for is a drag queen's.  I do need to look like an everyday woman who is not wearing much makeup but does a quality job of working with what she does wear. Plus, I do recognize the challenge of working with my male based features.To get there I do need to know the background skill needed to make it happen.

AND! Alisha is holding a makeup workshop this coming Saturday for a couple hours at her studio. Here's the deal:
10 available spots by RSVP. It will be $25/person, $20 may be redeemed as a product credit. It will be from 2 to 4pm in her studio on 5/25/13 (Saturday).
I'm leaving it to you to follow the link below for the studio location.

AND! Here is her Bio:

Raised in a nontraditional environment, Alisha began studying the "illusion of beauty" at a very young age watching her mother work in the Night Life as a bar owner. Her favorite past time growing up was planning "Showtime" with her cousin, who later debuted as the ever popular drag queen, Blair Saunders.

 She began her makeup training at age 12 while enrolled in Barbizon, modeling school where she later became one of their most popular instructors while teaching there during her college years. Since she never grew physically as tall as her personality, she began doing pageants at age 12 instead of modeling. She was a fierce pageant competitor for 20 years earning the title of Mrs. Ohio 2001 and winning costume at the Mrs. United States pageant along with top 20.

 Alisha earned an Engineering Degree from the University of Dayton and trained in Makeup Artistry under the legendary, Hollywood Makeup Artist, Tony Caine before his passing. Presently, she teaches her "Illusion of Beauty" through her Magic Makers Unit as a Director in Qualification through Mary Kay Cosmetics. She has honed her teaching style also as a part time Faculty member at the University of Dayton in Human Factors Engineering and she is a full time Executive with Hobart Service, working as the National Safety Manager.

 Beauty is an Illusion...Let me show you how to create your best image.

AND! Here is where you can contact her for more info.

Alisha Manley, Independent Beauty Consultant Future Sales Director

Finally, for all you shy girls (me included) this is a chance to go into an understanding environment and improve your image to the world.

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