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Monday, October 1, 2012

I Was Wrong

OK, I deserve this. I was wrong about judging the Nat Geo Taboo show .
I over reacted to the sensationalized promos-I admit it.
The transsexual portions of the show were accurate and predictable. The producers played lip service to other trans groups in other parts of the world and featured the really phenomenal fairy tale transition of one attractive person who happened to be a trans man this time.
I suppose it's good shows such as this for the most part seem mundane to me. At the same time I do have a deep hope the shows do educate someone- anyone.
Here's what I was wrong about- the Chris-Tina segment.  I'm not sure I have seen anyone describe my situation as close as she did. Briefly, if you didn't see the show yet Chris-tina is very unapologetic of being a Hybrid (her terms). At this time she has no interest in being a complete woman or man.
Then came a Sociology Professor who essentially said individuals such as Chris-tina  totally collapse the gender binary.
Think about it. It's a simple concept and is the reason for much of the angst in the trans community too.
Try this out:  set up a table of some sort in which the number ten represents a true transsexual and the number one  -a true cross dresser and a true transgender as a five.  Between nine and two you can fill in with the gender fluid term.
My theory is the true transsexual and the true cross dresser identify with the so called outside/mainstream genders they become or emulate.
Essentially, it's hard for them to understand a gender fluid transgender person as they have never experienced  it. The same as I have never experienced growing up Hispanic, Black or Asian.
So now I think I  know why you transsexuals or cross dressers don't understand me. I'm collapsing your gender binary too.
Overall though, this is one of the times that being wrong was right!
Thanks Chris-Tina!

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