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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Top 5 Things Trans Women Wish Guys Knew!

Actually, I "borrowed" this idea from a post I ran across called the "Top Five Things Guys Wish Girls Knew" from a site called College Girl Know How.

So I decided to put a transgender girl spin on it!

  1. Don't beg a guy to tell you what's on his mind unless you really want to know.  Genetic world? The guy is thinking about having sex with you.  Trans world? The guy is thinking yes he wants to have sex but does that make him gay.
  2. Don't ask a guy if you are fat?  Really? I have spent my whole life wondering why genetic girls try this trap question?  Gender torture? It's just dumb.
  3. He hates it when you get all weird when all he wants to do is watch the game.  Somehow genetic women turn this into some sort of ego battle and never understand why they shouldn't.  No pun intended-huge win for the trans girls here.  We understand which winning team to root for-his.
  4. Guys don't want to shop with you.  Genetic and trans woman alike...if they do-someday they will end up in your clothes.
  5. Guys have no sympathy for you "having nothing to wear."  No contest here, genetic or trans, we don't have anything to wear-no matter what we already have in the closet.  Guys don't understand what you do have may be out of season, not suitable for where you are going or you lack just the right accessory to pull an outfit together.  A wide gap which guys will just have to get over and they do when you find the "right thing to wear" for them.
As you can see, we share much in common with our genetic sisters and that's not so much a surprise if you look at how much we study them!

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