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Sunday, April 7, 2013

So Hot It's Flamin!

It is no surprise the Bravo television network is very gay orientated.  But Bravo has unleashed a new level in gay talk on Fashion Queens. Forget about political correctness as guests Miss Lawrence (right) and Derek J "critique" female celebrities. Here is one review from Madam Noire:

"Last night Bravo aired a new tv show, “Fashion Queens” featuring hair stylist Derek J, fellow hair stylist and “Real House Wives of Atlanta” cast member, Miss Lawrence, and media and style maven and Bevy Smith. The three big personalities discussed things like haute couture, trends and what would a fashion show be without the shade that comes with discussing the most egregious fashion faux pas. The show is primarily about style, so it was interesting Bravo chose Derek J. If you’ve seen some of his public appearances, you might have noticed that more times than not, he’s far from impeccably dressed. And I’m not referring to the fact that he wears women’s clothes, but more to the fact that he wears ill-fitting, tacky looking women’s clothes. But let me stop. That’s not what I’m here for today. During last night’s show, I was otherwise occupied, catching up on “Girls” episodes and watching “Golden Girls.” But I jumped on Twitter for a hot second to see that Derek J, whose business is hair, made some interesting comments. He said that he’s “not a fan of the natural hair movement.” Ok, fair. You don’t have to like it. But then he took a step further saying: “natural hair is not for everyone.”

Maybe it was just when I watched it (no I wasn't intoxicated) I just got a giggle from this 'flamin" gay look at current culture.

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