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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Style versus Fashion

I'm found of discussing of how I admire a woman with a unique sense of style.
Her style doesn't have to necessarily be in fashion, off some runway in New York or even expensive. She just seems to have the skill to put certain clothes or accessories together for a look she owns.
"Erin Loechner" wrote an excellent article on "BlogHer" about the subject.
She starts by writing about clothing versus fashion."I am so incredibly intrigued by clothing. Please note that I didn't say that I am intrigued by fashion -- the truth is that I actually couldn't care a whit about fashion. In fact, it has been years since I've even flipped through a fashion magazine. As much as I do love clothing, fashion and shopping in general often holds little interest for me."
She goes on to interview and talk about women she knows who have a unique style and where it comes from.
Of course we trans girls can't follow all her recommendations. We do have plenty of figure flaws to cover and we very simply have to be better than most women with fashion and style.  That big mean world out there can be very unforgiving to us!
Once we arrive at the point when our style is more successful than our fashion...the mean old world becomes much nicer and even fun!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Fashion Tips!

Ok girlfriends, here is another fashion site I found which could be great fun!
It's called the "Budget Babe".
I subscribe to four or five fashion sites to try to improve my style and I'm always on a budget! So this one fits (unlike most of the clothes)!
Every once in a while, I find a "nugget" that I really like, can afford and can wear.
In addition, I respond to a couple of sites on occasion with transgendered beauty questions and insights. "Blogher" has a "beauty wall" I've posted on twice.  I feel the so called "cis-female" blogs are as good as place as any to ask questions!

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