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Sunday, May 29, 2016

JJ's Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! A JJ's Memorial Day Sunday edition is hitting your virtual front porch. Let's get's started with the weather.
As predicted around here, it was Spring one day and Summer the next with the hot sticky temps so much a part of Ohio weather. So this morning, it's time for a cup of iced "Joe" (coffee) before I take off to the VA for the Patriot Days picnic. Let's get started:

Page One: The Week that Was - or Wasn't: Much of my week was deciding if I was going to the Picnic today and taking on two doctors appointments. I also got the thrilling news on the scheduling of my colonoscopy. Actually the day before (clean out) has been worse for me than the procedure itself. My problem this time is my highly androgynous body. But any of it is better than a possible case of colon cancer. Now, off that shitty topic :) and on to Tia Goward.

Tia is a transgender athlete in Alaska. From the Alaska Dispatch News
In what is believed to be a first for Alaska, a transgender athlete competed in an individual event at a high school championship Friday at the state track and field meet at Dimond Alumni Field in Anchorage.

Ziza Shemet Pitcher of Homer and Ice Wangyot high-five after competing in the 200-meter sprint. (Bob Hallinen / Alaska Dispatch News)

Page Two: Yesterdays Coffee - Opinion: On/during the Memorial Day Weekend, I think I made my opinion very clear in yesterday's post and many before. Number One: we should be honoring our veterans who served and/or gave up the ultimate sacrifice for our country and Number Two: We shouldn't forget our transgender active duty members who are serving in the closet. Supposedly change is coming soon-we will see.

Page Three: The Back Page: Scholarships! Applications are now being accepted for Fantasia Fair 2016 scholarships. Deadlines for application is are no later than July 15. For more information please visit here

In the meantime,thanks for taking your time and stopping by JJ's. Enjoy your weekend!

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