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Another One Bites the Dust

Perhaps you have heard of the television show Pawn Stars? Check this out from the Advocate : "Rick Harrison, star of the hit show   Pawn Stars  on the History Channel, said his support for presidential candidate Marco Rubio has cost him product endorsements, and he's worried his conservative views will cost him his show. Harrison  told CNN  he believes his  endorsement last month  will enrage the "massive liberal PC police" an — and he cited transgender bathroom accommodations as an example of what he fears. " Really Rick??? Why ya got to be picking on us?  Truly, I wouldn't care as much as he had an opinion, it is more to the point his opinion is misinformed, ignorant and downright wrong. While I know the show is a set up for Rick to inform us on all the unique, old or otherwise fun objects to come through his pawn shop door in Las Vegas, I still labored under a little fantasy the man was as educated as he appears. One more thing-at one point in ti