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The Greatest Privilege of All

This occurred to me as I was walking down the sidewalk to the post office. All of us should stop and reflect on our lives and the fact we are still living them. I know I'm very lucky that the sun, moon and stars finally alligned for me. For a couple of rare years I have been able to live on my terms. Of course, I realize life is a very powerful force and she may come at any time to reclaim her territory. (Name me a person she hasn't roundly beat up through portions of their lives?) In a rare moment of clarity she made it quite clear to me that privilege is facing another day. A day that you are looking down at the grass and not up at it means you have a shot at change. In our transgender existences we all have gone through a lot and of course the journey is far from over. In the meantime the true  privilege is to check out another sunrise.