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Monday, May 4, 2020

Walton Goggins

From the 2016 television series Sons of Anarchy, here is Walton Goggins playing a prostitute:

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Very rarely do we learn the story behind any of the pictures we see on line. In fact, I stopped even looking at one site I used to be active on because I was beginning to doubt more than a few of the "glamorous" transgender women or cross dressers weren't actually cis women in reality. I tried to tell myself too, pictures can be photo shopped and are only moments in time. So much more goes into presenting as a woman than is represented in a picture. 

But, the neat thing is about pictures is, they often are all we have to pass along idea's and remember where we were at a time and place, Take this picture of me for example. First of all it was taken a couple of years ago when I had longer and a darker/auburn hair. Secondly, it was taken in one of those mirrors with special soft surround light, All of which contributed to making me look different than I normally did. Finally, it was taken during one of those rare moments in time i had my finger nails professionally done. All in all, the picture is still me...with an asterisk. I have to add though, nothing of what I did would be different than many cis women would do to enhance their appearance in a picture. 

In a recent Cyrsti's Condo post, I used one of a couple of Connie's pictures I happen to have on file to accent one of her comments. Here, is her return comment:

"So, the pic you chose was taken about eleven years ago. It was that very day that I came out, in person, to a woman friend. It was the first time anyone from my past life had met me as Connie (other than my wife). My friend had no idea of what she was about to see, when she stopped by my house on her way home from work. It went well, but I decided, afterward, that I would never surprise another like that again. I realized that it wasn't really fair to the other person, as it can put them on the spot. Then, it took another three years to come out to most everyone else - except most of my in-laws (about 100 of them, if you count cousins and such). The word had spread, though, so it was just a matter of making a gender reveal, of sorts, at a (very) large family gathering, in 2014. I don't remember exactly when we first met on that (pastel color) site, but, with all the back-and-forth yapping we did, I can't believe we waited so long to finally take action. I look at that pic of myself, and I see that I was beyond ready to transition at that time. I may not be as young, and less wrinkly and saggy as I was, but I'm still every bit the smartass. Sarcasm is not limited by gender! ;-) BTW, in my story, I was both of the people in the Thunderbird. I have had dreams, since my pre-teens, of being behind the wheel of a turquoise '57 T-Bird. I'm in a cute halter top that is tied at the midriff to show my skinny waist, my natural long blonde hair covered by a silk scarf, with big sunglasses and red lipstick on. Oh, and I can't forget the perfectly manicured and painted fingernails, as my lovely hands are resting on top of the steering wheel. Too late now; I can't get there from here, either."

Nice! Thanks for the memory!  Also as many of you who read the post comments know, Marcia also remembers our (witty???) give and take on the website I mentioned (not by name) because I believe it still exists. It's a small world in the trans community if we like it or not.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Don't Try This at Home

This comes to us via Connie and the New York Post:

"He’s a real momma’s boy.

A man was arrested in Brazil for dressing up as his 60-year-old mother in order to take her driving test for her, reports said.

The driving instructor realized the person in front of her was Heitor Schiave, 43, in a floral blouse, painted nails, make-up and a wig — and not his mom, Maria.
“He tried to be as natural as possible. He wore lots of make-up with his nails nicely done and wore women’s jewelry,” instructor Aline Mendonca told Brazilian outlet G1, according to the BBC.
Schiave apparently decided to step into his mom’s shoes after she repeatedly failed the driving exam."

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Transgender Versus Cross Dressing

Recently here in Cyrsti's Condo, I wrote a post somewhat comparing what cross dressers wear to my support meetings, in comparison to transgender women. Although I don't attach any significant positive or negative ideas to the idea...cross dressers just seem to out dress the trans girls normally. For a number of reasons, probably.

First and foremost, the trans girls don't really have anything to prove by going the extra distance to dress up for a casual meeting. Secondly, and just as important, cross dressers just don't have the overall time and experience to think, well, I will have plenty opportunities in the future to dress up, if desired. Finally, thirdly, most cross dressers are just learning their way in a feminine public world and still haven't settled into the woman they still are to become.

Interestingly, I received two comments from our regular readers on the same subject:

  1. "It is quite noticeable at the group I attend, that it is those who have transitioned who most dress down, and those who have to make the most of their rare opportunities who are the most "Glamorous" this last week end there were at least two of us there wearing jeans and a sweater and with no make up at all."
  2.            Paula! I agree with you. Thanks for the input and writing it better :)
  3. "Well, if you haven't upgraded your style to the cross dresser level, at least you're buying your coffee at a coffee shop instead of a gas station now. :-)

    Speaking of deciding what to wear to a meeting, I have come to the conclusion that I don't care what the rest of them (be they cross dressers or SRS transgender women) are wearing. I choose from my wardrobe just what I feel like wearing for the day (or evening). If I'm going to err at all, I would rather it be at such a meeting, rather than how I might be seen by the general public. I used to care too much about how other transgender women might be sizing me up. That is simply ridiculous, when you think about it, yet I have felt more judgement on my presentation from the trans community than I have from the general public. Around here, though, the cross dressing organization and the transitioning group generally keep away from each other. I have attended meetings for both, and I've worn jeans and a t-shirt to the CD meetings or a dress and heels with the other group. I may get a few looks with either, but I think they have a better idea of who I am by the time the meeting is over. The truth is, after all, that most of us just want to be who we always saw ourselves to be. So, that's what I do!

    It's what we often talk about - all in the confidence you show; not in the clothes you wear."
  4. Thanks to you both! 
  5. Connie, much of my coffee snobbery comes from the fact I now live in a major metropolitan area with coffee choices outside of gas stations and Tim Horton s! Ironically, confidence was one of the main topics with the cross dressers at last night's meeting.

Friday, October 17, 2014

"Out" for Halloween

Finally getting around to a couple of your comments here in Cyrsti's Condo to my first Halloween post!
Here they are, presented in a different format:
  1. Michellewhois
    Great story! I especially loved the statement "For the evening, I came up with a "costume" which not surprisingly, was more slut than originality. My skirt was short, heels high and hair was long. The result was a relatively uncomfortable evening in clothes I really hadn't spent enough time wearing to understand what I was "walking into" literally-my heels killed me. My imagined enjoyment of walking down the street in my panty hose, short skirt and freshly shaved legs did thrill for awhile-until the chill set in." It reminded me of way back when I first came crashing out into the world. It also reminded me of some of the other girls back then and how we strived for that sexy look instead of trying to find our happy medium in the world of women's fashion. Thank you for that brief glimpse of back in the past.
  2. Michelle, you are welcome!  It was dark in that closet wasn't it!  Crashing is a good word!  Quoting an old Jerry Reed song "We had a long way to go and a short time to get there!"
  3. A "Horny" Halloween Costume Idea?
  4. And Jen Smith: 
    My first time dressing as a woman was when I was in my early 20s. Yes for me it was also at Halloween, a party at a friend's house.

    If I recall, it came up as a spur of the moment thing. It was a Saturday, we knew we were going to this party but had no budget for costumes.

    An upstairs neighbor was in our apartment that day, and somehow it came up that I could go dressed as a woman. This neighbor had a blond wig that she offered up, and I think she also lent me some sling back heals that barely fit. I know I didn't last long at the party wearing them.

    That was over 25 years ago, and I remember just a few details. I vaguely remember wearing an off-white, or maybe more towards a light tan knee length dress. I think nude or white pantyhose. I don't remember anything about makeup, but I probably ended up with blush at least, probably not foundation or anything else.

    We got to the party, hosted at the parent's house of a fairly close buddy. As we got out of the car (I wasn't driving), another buddy of mine and his girlfriend came up to us, recognizing my future ex-wife.

    He asked her, while looking at me, "who is your friend you've brought along?" LOL! He didn't recognize me, nor did he realize I was a guy!

    Well, that was the first time out in public officially for me, and I faded back to just wearing pantyhose, stockings and panties off and on for the next 20 years before it dawned on me that I wanted to be a woman.

    Thanks Cyrsti for poking this memory out of my past!
  5. Thanks to both of you ladies!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Behind Every Womanless Pageant...There is a Cross Dresser

Back in the day when Halloween was my only real time I could get out in the world and "strut my feminine stuff", the challenge was to come up with other "excuses" to have a costume party.  Of course Mardi Gras comes to mind as well as a few manufactured others which were less than successful.

In school and later in life, I remember exactly no womanless beauty pageant contests where I lived until they became popular with cancer fund raising events.  By then, I was exploring the world as a woman anyhow.  Every so often here in Cyrsti's Condo, we discuss the true dynamics of how some men simply shine in womanless pageants and would those of us who were hidden away in our closets cross dressing been too paranoid to compete?

I know for sure I would have in high school.

Just for kicks and giggles, I'm going to post this picture from a womanless pageant in Dover, Tennessee and ask you to pick the cross dresser out of the crowd. I think he did a pretty good job of not looking too obvious!  Or did he?

Six brave VFW Post 4730 are contestants in a recent Womanless Beauty Pageant to celebrate the retirement of Donuta Jeziorowska, who has served at the Post for over 22 years.

Workplace Issues

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