Very rarely do we learn the story behind any of the pictures we see on line. In fact, I stopped even looking at one site I used to be active on because I was beginning to doubt more than a few of the "glamorous" transgender women or cross dressers weren't actually cis women in reality. I tried to tell myself too, pictures can be photo shopped and are only moments in time. So much more goes into presenting as a woman than is represented in a picture. 

But, the neat thing is about pictures is, they often are all we have to pass along idea's and remember where we were at a time and place, Take this picture of me for example. First of all it was taken a couple of years ago when I had longer and a darker/auburn hair. Secondly, it was taken in one of those mirrors with special soft surround light, All of which contributed to making me look different than I normally did. Finally, it was taken during one of those rare moments in time i had my finger nails professionally done. All in all, the picture is still me...with an asterisk. I have to add though, nothing of what I did would be different than many cis women would do to enhance their appearance in a picture. 

In a recent Cyrsti's Condo post, I used one of a couple of Connie's pictures I happen to have on file to accent one of her comments. Here, is her return comment:

"So, the pic you chose was taken about eleven years ago. It was that very day that I came out, in person, to a woman friend. It was the first time anyone from my past life had met me as Connie (other than my wife). My friend had no idea of what she was about to see, when she stopped by my house on her way home from work. It went well, but I decided, afterward, that I would never surprise another like that again. I realized that it wasn't really fair to the other person, as it can put them on the spot. Then, it took another three years to come out to most everyone else - except most of my in-laws (about 100 of them, if you count cousins and such). The word had spread, though, so it was just a matter of making a gender reveal, of sorts, at a (very) large family gathering, in 2014. I don't remember exactly when we first met on that (pastel color) site, but, with all the back-and-forth yapping we did, I can't believe we waited so long to finally take action. I look at that pic of myself, and I see that I was beyond ready to transition at that time. I may not be as young, and less wrinkly and saggy as I was, but I'm still every bit the smartass. Sarcasm is not limited by gender! ;-) BTW, in my story, I was both of the people in the Thunderbird. I have had dreams, since my pre-teens, of being behind the wheel of a turquoise '57 T-Bird. I'm in a cute halter top that is tied at the midriff to show my skinny waist, my natural long blonde hair covered by a silk scarf, with big sunglasses and red lipstick on. Oh, and I can't forget the perfectly manicured and painted fingernails, as my lovely hands are resting on top of the steering wheel. Too late now; I can't get there from here, either."

Nice! Thanks for the memory!  Also as many of you who read the post comments know, Marcia also remembers our (witty???) give and take on the website I mentioned (not by name) because I believe it still exists. It's a small world in the trans community if we like it or not.


  1. FYI, the particular website is still up. I can tell you, though, that I rejoined it three years ago - using a different name. I think there were a dozen new blog posts every day when we were both active there, but, in the last three years, there are but 27 blog posts - and three of them are mine! I thought I could fan the flames from the smoldering coals; hardly a spark, though.

    I wish I had a pic or two from my pre-teen and teen years. Then, again, it might be too depressing to see what could have been. Damn testosterone!

    1. Even though I cant remember the name of the Pinks' founder, I remember towards the end it seemed she was always asking for money. I'm surprised it is still there.

    2. Not to mention names, but I will say that the first name rhymes with "blowy." The last name is the same as an artist formerly known as... She was not only asking for money, she opened it up to Google, so that anything written would be subjected to an open search on the web. I finally deleted everything that I'd written before leaving. I thought that I'd contributed some useful stuff there, but I was not willing, at the time, to open myself up to the whole world.

      Some remnants endure, however:

      "Connie Dee Malone - I like your style, shoe and clothes shopping are great therapy. LOL"(2012)

      "Connie Dee Malone, who has been absent, sadly, for many a month was a great person with a quip and her wit was legendary on Pe. It was she who coined the word Rachelpedia and the (c) is not for copyright but as a mark of respect for Connie's witticism. It was she who demanded that it be a small (c)"(2011)

      "Connie Dee Malone wrote a great song on her blog post changing the word to pertain to us."(I'm not sure which word that was, as I have written well over 50 song parodies with a trans theme) (2010)

      " old friend, Francine, who some from Pe may remember from 3-4 years ago, who had a wicked sense of humour and was a lot of fun with another, Connie Dee Malone.
      Connie got outed when Pe went public and she left but I believe she still haunts the pages under another guise."(still talking about me in 2014)

      I find these remnants to make up a fitting eulogy! :-)

    3. Wow! You have quite the memory. I guess the Pink Lady was enamored with you :)

    4. As an incognito member, I have access. Here's something from 2010 that mentions you:

      " First off, thank you Cyrsti Hart for contacting Donna Milo via e-mail about her views on Gay Marriage and posting it as she wrote it. I appreciate you doing this..."

      At least you have been remembered for something more substantial than I have been for just being a smartass. :-)

    5. BTW, here's a 2018 blog post from the site (the 7th latest post, overall) that may have been of interest to you:

      "Who is wiccan here[?]

      Hi, Ladies

      It's a very interesting to know who is w3iccan here. I am not Chistian, I am Wiccan. Wiccan religion is to pray to Mother Goddess of Nature. I trust in all I reaally see before. I see trees and their leaves, I see grass and roses and another flowers. All of them is Mother Goddess of Nature. And every holiday of A Circlle of the seasons are very beautiful and merry except for Samhein ( the 1-th of November) and devoted to the the memory who has gone. One Holiday ia real magick. It.s Candlemas on the 1-th of February. I don't know how it works but the centre candle fire another in the circle without touching them. By the special magic words repeating manu\y times the candles star trambling and leaning to the center candle. I think them touch with their bioenergetic fields and transfer the power of fire in energetic level. I did it by my own hands without serious problems. More about ancient wiccan tradition you can watch in a very good movie The mists of Avalon. 2001 year ( USA, UK) And the wiccan music bible is an album of wiccan writer. singer and composer and also even High Viccan Priestess Lisa Thiel. It's called The Circle of the Seasons. 2005 release. As a wiccan witch whose grannies were witches from the Medieval Ages i believe in Green Magic and can create the magic drugs. And I love wiccan tradition and holidays especcially Candlemas. Bettaine and Litha with fire show and colorful boats down the river. And my dream is to visit the center of Magick of England Glostonberry."

      The third latest post was in 2019, and was entitled, "Calling All Transgender Veterans!" You could have responded to this one, as well. Sadly, though, nobody responded to either of these posts. The Pink Lady is not really so much in the pink, at all.


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