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Monday, January 6, 2020

Burger King Revisited

We received several cute comments regarding our Burger King "Impossible Whopper" post. Here they are...

First from Stana at Femulate: "The Impossible Whopper is pretty good. Tastes just like a "real" Whopper and now I'm pleased to learn about the added benefits!" 

Then there was Connie: "Well, now the zealots will have to admit that transgender people are real; not impossible at all! Why be a Burger King, when you can be a Burger Queen?

Does the new sandwich also make one grow buns?"

and Mandy Sherman:"Wow…all I need to do to get some nice boobs is eat the sandwiches at Burger King? Nice…if it’s true. And the calories will help them to grow! Once it’s proven to be a fact, I’ll try to eat there as often as possible! Wonder how long it will take to grow C-cups?"

Thanks all! I'm not a vegetarian but I may have to try an "Impossible Whopper" now to see if it speeds up my HRT process! :)

Friday, January 3, 2020

Burger King in the Gender Business?

Perhaps you have heard (from the far right) fast food giant Burger King is offering a new vegetarian Whopper sandwich.

According to right wing zealots, when men eat the new sandwich they can grow boobs, decrease the size of their genitals and become homosexuals.

So, there you go, I have an inexpensive way to cut back on my Estradiol and Spiro! :)

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Just a Couple Pictures

It is difficult to encapsulate an eleven day marathon trip across the country to the beautiful state of Colorado but I will try with a few pictures on the Cyrsti's Condo blog. I will also try not to bore you all.

The first picture I found was from Dodge City, Kansas on a very hot day. Before any of you television historians I didn't see Marshall Dillon or other characters of the old "Gunsmoke"  show. This picture of Liz and I was taken by our tour guide.

This steam engine (as you can probably tell) was way past it's active life. There was a Burger King on the opposite corner which probably is owned by "Miss Kitty's" relation. She was the saloon operator and liberated woman on the television show.

We did get to ride a couple active steam engines on the trip. One of which was on the "Georgetown Loop" between Silver Plume and Georgetown, Colorado.  For you purists, this is actually a narrow gauge oil fired engine.

Trans Peaks and Valleys

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